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  • I was Born

    Born in Mercy Hospital
  • Period: to


  • My first word

    My first word was mom.
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    I turned 1.
  • My second birthday

    My second birthday
    I turned 2.
  • My third birthday

    My third birthday
    I turned 3.
  • My fourth birthday

    My fourth birthday
    I turned 4.
  • Magic Show

    Magic Show
    I was 4. That's my exuse. I went to a magic show with my family, and my mom just bought me some new dress shoes and I thought they soooooooooo cool. The magician called for a volunteer and I rose my hand. He called on me and made my new shoe disappear. I lost it and I started crying and screaming until he gave it back to me.
  • My fifth birthday

    My fifth birthday
    I turned 5
  • Pizza changed my life

    Pizza changed my life
    When I was visiting my uncle who lives in Chicago, he decided to take us out to pizza. We went to a place called Lumalnadi's Pizza.It changed my life. It is deep dish and has won awards for the best pizza in the country. It was amazing.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    My first day at OLG, a spanish school.
  • My sixth brthday

    My sixth brthday
    I turned 6.
  • Green Day Phase

    Green Day Phase
    When I was in first grade I went through a Green Day phase. I knew all of the words to Holiday, Boulivard of Broken Dreams, Jesus of Suburbia, American Idiot, When I come around, and Me Up When September Ends.
  • My seventh birthday

    My seventh birthday
    I turned 7.
  • Switch to Public

    I switched from catholic school to public. Best decision of my life. I hated catholic school.
  • First time playing travel soccer

    First time playing travel soccer
    I play for the Dubuque Soccer Club and have been playing since this time. I love soccer and right now I am the captain of my team.
  • My eighth birthday

    My eighth birthday
    I turned 8.
  • My ninth birthday bowling

    My ninth birthday bowling
    I turned nine and I set my record for bowling at my party. 86. With bumpers.
  • My tenth birthday

    My tenth birthday
    I turned ten
  • My eleventh birthday

    My eleventh birthday
    I turned 11
  • Cruise

    I went on my first cruise ever. It was amazing and we wen to Tampa Bay, Florida, and Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico. I went with my family and my grandma and grandpa. I am also going to go on another cruise next march with my family.
  • My first big roller coaster

    My first big roller coaster
    I went on the Demon at six flags. It had two loops and alot of corkscrews. It was so much fun.
  • George Washington Middle School

    George Washington Middle School
    I started attending Wash.
  • I hate pumpkins

    I hate pumpkins
    On this day I found out that I hate pumpkins. What happened was, we were carving pumpkins and I almost puked. I still can't stand pumpkins. The smell, look, and feel of the inside guts are the most disgusting thing on the planet.
  • My twelfth birthday

    My twelfth birthday
    I turned 12
  • ODP

    I tried out and made the ODP (Olympic Developement Program) team for Iowa. This is the team Iowa and I was the starting left back or left outside defender. I loved it and went to camps in Grinnell, Iowa, Lamoni, Iowa, and Kansas City, Kansas. All were amazing.
  • My tirteenth birthday

    My tirteenth birthday
    I turned 13
  • My First Vikings Game

    My First Vikings Game
    I went to a Vikings game for my birthday. They lost to the Oakland Raiders 27 to 21, but it was still fun.