Mason McKenzie Life (2005-present)

Timeline created by masonmckenzie
  • Birth Date

    I was born on February 12th 2005.
  • My family got a dog!

    When I was 1 year old my family got a dog and we named him Tucker. He was a Chocolate Lab and we loved him very much.
  • Barack Obama Was Elected

    When Barack Obama was elected he became the first-ever African American president. This was a major milestone in recent American History.
  • Osama Bin Laden Killed

    This event spans back to 2001 when there was a terrorist attack on the twin towers. Osama Bin Laden was the person that was behind these attacks and was killed by US forces in Pakistan. This was a big deal to the entire US because of how loved the twin towers were and how many people died in those attacks.
  • Iraq war ended

    The Iraq war was a war that spanned all the way from 2003 to 2011. This war started because the US invaded Iraq and overthrew the government. The US vowed to destroy all of Iraq's mass destruction weapons.
  • Trip to Tennessee

    This trip was with my cousins during spring break. It was a lot of fun we brought our Jet Ski and rented a house on a lake this was a lot of fun because I don't get to see my cousins very often because they live in Florida. We did a lot of fun things on this trip. However we did find a snake in one of the bathtubs so I think that is what caused my fear of snakes.
  • Boston Marathon Bombing

    This was a big part of history in recent years because it is the biggest terrorist attack during my lifetime. The Boston Bombing was a terrible terrorist attack where two brothers barely in their 20's made bombs and put them all over where the marathon was happening this event killed 3 people and injured many others.
  • When I First Started Football

    This is a big part of my life because football is my favorite sport and I love to watch and play it so much. This was a big part of my life because I have spent so much time doing it.
  • My Great Grandpa Died

    Although I didn't know him that well he was the first grandparent of mine that has passed away and that holds to this day I still have 7 healthy grandparents alive and I am very blessed. But my Great Grandpa died when I was 9 and this was the first funeral and only funeral that I had ever gone to. This was a major event in my life because of the things that it taught me, like never take anything for granted.
  • Trip to Las Vegas and Arizona

    On spring break in 2019 my family and I went to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Las Vegas. During this trip it was really cool to see how nature could do such cool things. But after awhile it does get boring to see rocks everywhere you go especially when driving through Arizona. This trip was a lot of fun though.
  • Corona Virus Outbreak

    On this date, the first case of COVID-19 was found, and I didn't think anyone would have thought it would've had this type of impact on our Country let alone the World. In America, during these times it seems like everyone is split apart instead of coming together when everyone needs it most. This disease has killed many people and has seemed to tear apart our country. That is why this is a major event.