By MartaJ
  • TV

    I watched disney channel all the time with my brother.
  • Period: to


    we had a computer that we shared in my family. I used it to play games online.
  • Period: to

    My mum's phone

    Sometimes my mum gave me her phone so I could talk with my friends and I could also play some games.
  • MP3

    My parents gave me my first music player when i was 6 years old because of my holy day.
  • Tablet

    When I was 10 my parents gave me a tablet for my birthday, and I started to use, what know is known as Tik Tok.
  • Camera

    Due to my holy communion, one of the gifts that they gave me was a nikon camera.
  • My first movile phone

    My first movile phone
    When I was 12 years old my parents gave me my own phone for the three wise men.
  • My own laptot

    My own laptot
    Because of the high school, my parents decided to gave me my own laptot when I was in 2nd of ESO.
  • My 2nd movile phone

    My 2nd movile phone
    The same year that I got the laptop I bought another phone because I broke the other one.
  • My actual phone

    My actual phone
    Since last christmas I have a new phone that my parents gave because of the three wise men also