Black babies

Marleni Santiago Pagan

  • Baby

    I was born in October 29, 1994, in Bronx New York. When I was a baby my mother says she only thought was to take care and protect me because I'm the only girl of five men. My childhood was a time that I will never forget.
  • my friends

    my  friends
    My friends is the greatest blessing that God sent to man. Is that throughout time people feel they are part of your life. because they are treated like blood brothers and happyines moments you spend with them.I'm with them from elementary.
  • My family

    My family
    My family is my inspiration for me to progress as a person. My family is my life. We are always together and I would give my life for any member of my family My life is and will be with them.
  • My passion

    My passion
    My passion is sports but football is mostly because when I feel bad, is the way to release my negative thoughts. From my childhood I was always a girl practicing different sports. But I always liked sports where I play in a group or individually.
  • My special please

    My special please
    This photo was Cabras Island is very special to me since the beach is my favorite place. It's the way I think about my future and my goals to follow. Also, I feel an inspiration to nature for that reason I love everything that has to do with nature.
  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I give thanks to God throughout the day. But every day I thank God for another year of life, first, I go to church to thank God and then pass it along to my loved ones, so it is one of my favorite moments.My birthday has always been a joy for me. Before I gave up growing feeling that I knew was going to meet another year.
  • High School eleven grade

    High School eleven grade
    In this photo I'm in eleventh grade, this school is Rafael Cordero high school and its Specialized in Bussiness. In this degree was one of the moments that I learned. For my junior year was a year that had positive and negative experiences but I helped create maturity. In that year I was chosen as the student council president of the school.
  • My graduation

    My graduation
    Fourth year of my graduation was one of my dreams to see that it was done, I felt more happy with myself and being elected president of the student committee I felt proud.My last year at school, was a year I just thought began here after my life completely. My mind I had always prepared to complete my goals.
  • My first day and year in the UPRRP

    My first day and year in the UPRRP
    My first day and year at the University of Puerto Rico, was a very emotional day for me. Met new friends and college life completely different to me. As soon enter the iupi found everything as a challenge, both classes and teachers. I know the road will be difficult but everything will be fine.