Marie Antoinette

  • Marie's First years of life

    Marie's First years of life
    Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria. She was the youngest daugghter of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and Holy Roman Emperor Francis I. She lived a carefree childhood and recieved a typical 18th century education that an aristocratic girl would recieve. This was significant because Marie would have a good background and would also know alot about religion which was needed to be Queen.
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  • World Event: Industrial Revolution

    World Event: Industrial Revolution
    From 1760-1830 this time period was known as the Industrial Revolution. This period conducted major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and trnasporting. It started in 1760 in the counrty Europe, but eventually speed to North America and to the whole world. Each and almost every daily aspect of life was influenced some way in the Industrial Revolution. this was a major change in history that helped create something that is simple in todays world.
  • Marie and Louis get married

    Marie and Louis get married
    Marie Antoinette made the long journey to Paris, at the age of 15, to meet her husband for the first time. On May 16, 1770 Louis, the Dauphin of France and Marie Antoinette became married in the chapel of the royal palace at Versailles. This event was significant because Louis and Marie were pledged to get married and they had the ceremony with not to many people.
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  • Marie becoming Queen

    Marie becoming Queen
    King Louis XV passed which lead many cries throughout France. Louis the dauphin succeeded the throne as Louis XVI. Marie was only 19 when she became queen. Louis and Maries personalities differed because he was more introverted and shy and she was extravagant and outgoing. in 1778 the birth of a daughter to Louis and Marie was loved but only in pleaser.
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  • World Event: Battle of Lexington and Concord

    World Event: Battle of Lexington and Concord
    On April 19, 1775, the Battle of Lexington and Concord was marked and was the first military engagement of the American Revolution. They fought in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay. The conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the British North America. This is a major battle that occured during the American Revoulution. it killed many British.
  • Finacial Issues

    Finacial Issues
    Marie spent alot of time in her private castle on grounds of Versailles. During the 1780's the French government began sliding into finacial turmoil and poor harvesting. This drove the prices of grain up across the whole country of France. Papers were handed out accusing the Queen of ignorance, extravagance, and adultery. This was importnat because she was being accused of something she had not done.
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  • World Event: Battle of St. Louis

    World Event: Battle of St. Louis
    A cannon called De Leyba's on Fort San Carlos opened fire which caused the invaders to back away. The villiages which had 900 people, lost 92 which were dead or captured by all civilians. In 1782, Britain entered a peace negotiation. A little east of St. Louis, 300 Indians went with Jean Marie Ducharme, who was a former St. Louisian, back to attack Cahokia. this was important because so many lives were lost from this villiage.'
  • Marie"s Necklace

    Marie"s Necklace
    1783 Cardinal de Rohan gave Marie Antoinette a 647 diamond necklace that cost 1,600,000 livres. in 1785, the necklace was smuggled and brought to London. The thief would sell it off in pieces to get more moneys worth. Even though Marie was innocent, she was guilty in the eyes of the people. she would never live down this moment. this was importnat because she would have to live with the guilt the rest of her life.
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  • World Event: Calabrian Earthquake of 1783

    World Event: Calabrian Earthquake of 1783
    The Calabrian Earthquake was estimated to be a amgnitude of 7.0. It affected a large area including the whole southern Italy peninsula and Sicily. Alot of villiages were destroyed and around 25,000 fatalities. Near the center of the earthquake the ground was shaking so violently that people were knocked off cliffs and it also hurt many objects and humans. This earthquake was important in history because it formed the whole southeastern part of the Gioia Basin.
  • The taking of the Bastille

    The taking of the Bastille
    Marie Antoinette appeared to support the return of Jacques Necker and equalizing reprsentatives of the Third Estate. However, later on Marie Antoinette showed real support for the Old Regime. In May 1789, after the meetings of the Estate General the event of the taking of the Bastille happened, and Marie Antoinette then supported the conservative court factions.
  • Moving to Paris

    Moving to Paris
    On October 1, 1789, the queen was recieved at a royalist banquet at Versailles. This was during the French Revolution and was denounced an dalso was a symbol of insult. only a few days later a Parisian crowd forced the court to move to Paris to be controlled more.For nine months they delt with it, and then after another nine months they fleed to Paris.
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  • Escaping France

    Escaping France
    In June 1791, Marie Antoinette and the Court Axel Von Fersen attempted to escape France. Although they were captured and returned to Paris. In September of that same year King Louis XVI agreed to uphold a brand new constutution. This constitution was drafted by the Constituent National Assembly in return for keeping his symbolic powers. This was important because Marie wanted to leave, but was captured and brought back to rule France.
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  • War betwwen Austria and Prussia

    War betwwen Austria and Prussia
    In summer of 1792, France was at war with Austria and Prussia. The power of Jacobin leader Maximillen de Robespierre called for the removal of the French king. In September of 1792, Jacobin leader Maximillen de Robespierre arrested the king and queen. This event was important in Marie Antoinettes life because Jacobin was trying to remove her from throne.
  • World Event: War of Vendee

    World Event: War of Vendee
    In 1793 to 1796 the War of Vendee suppressed Catholic Royalists on the one hand and Republicans on the other. This happened during the French Revolution. Some scholars considered the killing of Catholic Vendeans by the French state at the end of the war to be the first modern genocide. The vendee is located south of the Loire Rive in western France.
  • World Event: Reign of Terror

    World Event: Reign of Terror
    In June 1793 to 1794, The reign of Terror occured. The Reign of Terror was a period of violence that occured after the French Revolution for about one year and two months. the conflict was between the Girondins and the Jacobins. This killed around 16,000 to 40,000. The Roman Catholic Church was against the Revolution. this time period was very important because many were killed and my person, Marie Antoinette, was killed in this time period also.
  • Marie Antoinette's death

    Marie Antoinette's death
    On January 21, 1793, King Louis XVI was condemned to death and was dragged to guillotine and executed. In that October the Reign of Terror wiped out tens of thousands of French lives. Marie Antoinette was put in trial for treason and theft, and also disturbanse charge sexual abuse to her own son. A two-day trial was held of all men. She was snet to the guillotine just like her husband. She was excuted on October 16, 1793.