Marco Faiazza- Personal Timeline

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    On January 1st 1996, i was born at St.Joseph's Hospital at 1:00am. Being a New Years baby has its ups and downs. Sometimes my brithday is overrun by New Years so i dont really get a party, but then again as far as I know I'm the oldest kid born in 1996.
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    My Timeline

  • Walter Payton

    Walter Payton
    Walter Payton passed away November 1st, 1999. This to me means a lot because was my dads role model but as I grew up he became my hero too. Walter Payton was an outstanding football player, he played for the Chicago Bears which is my favourite team. He is important to me because he taught me never give up.
  • Little Sister was Born

    Little Sister was Born
    My younger sister Mara, was born November 16, 1999. She is a great athlete. She does competitive gymnastics, track and field, cross country, and soccer and she excells in all of them. The picture is of her in one of gymnastic competitions which she did well in.
  • Communion

    As a Catholic, you should receive the sacraments. While I was at St.Jerome I had my communion.
  • First Day of Grade 1

    First Day of Grade 1
    When I first started elementary school I attened St.Jerome. I stayed there from junior kindergarten right till grade 8. While here I met new people who made me who i was today. Not only have they changed me but I've also been a influence to the younger kids while growing up in that school.
  • Tyke Football

    Tyke Football
    When I was 7 years old my dad enrolled me in tyke tackle football. My very first year we won the championships and for the next 5 years we won 2 more. This was very important because at a young age it made me athletic and it helped me grow in sports. The photo is of me recieving my first football medal that i got.
  • Saltfleet Strikers

    Saltfleet Strikers
    I have played soccer since grade 1 and still continue. The year this picture was taken, we went 18-0-0 undefeated and league champions. This was the best sports team I have played on and the other players, coaches and I will never forget it.
  • Trip to Mexico

    Trip to Mexico
    My family and I go to Mexico almost every March Break. My dad bought a condo down in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 6 years ago. Since then, when its not rented out we take advantage of it and we go down. Going to Mexico has taught me so much, from cultures, foods and real estate, but mostly just to relax.
  • Starting High School

    Starting High School
    Last year was my first year in highschool. During grade 9 at St.Thomas More, I adapted to the new atmosphere, met new friends, learned new things and played soccer for the school team.
  • STM Junior Soccer Champions

    STM Junior Soccer Champions
    While at STM in my grade 9 year i made the Junior Soccer team. We made it to the finals and ended up beating BT in a penalty shootout. I was the won who scored the game winning penalty shot.