Manuel, my grandfather

  • Born

    My grandfather born in his village
  • Leave studies

    Leave studies
    He leaves studies for the civil war
  • Meet my grandmother

    Meet my grandmother
    my grandfather met my grandmother in their village
  • Comes to Barcelona

    Comes to Barcelona
    My grandfather and my grandmother comes to BCN
  • Get married

    Get married
    My grandfather get married with my grand mother in Barcelona
  • have a daughter, my mum

    have a daughter, my mum
    My mum Nuria born in this day, she is the daugter of my grandparents
  • change his house

    change his house
    change his home in Roger de Flor for his actual home in Av.Madrid
  • have a work accident

    have a work accident
    He had a work accident in his work as a chemist
  • Leave to work

    Leave to work
    He retire and actually he lives with the state pension
  • born his grandson, my

    born his grandson, my
    I was born in 1998, and I am the only grandson of my grand father Manuel