• 1998

    I was born on July 15, 1998. My father's name is Edilberto Mora. My mother's name is Rosa Rodríguez and I have three brothers.
  • 2003

    I began my studies in the rural school of Nazareth
  • 2009

    I started my high school in 2009 and finished my studies in 2014 being in school I met my best friend in the tenth grade
  • 2015

    started a technician in accounting of commercial and financial operations in 2015 in sena.
  • 2018

    I was worked in the municipality of Fómeque in a poultry company as an accounting assistant.
  • 2019

    The year is 2019, was very sad year because I discovered a disease that has no cure, only treatment. It was news that lowered my spirits too much. But I'm fine now and I always take my medicine responsibly and at the right time.
  • 2022

    Finally, in the current year, I started a technician in electrical systems installations at the Sena institution.