• 476

    Beginning of the middle ages

    The Western Roman Empire fell in the year 476, beginning the Middle Ages.
  • Period: 476 to 507

    Kingdom of Tolosa

    There was a lot of insecurity in the Iberian Peninsula
  • 500

    Creation of the university

    In the 6th century, universities started to appear: associations of teachers and students who dedicated themselves to the study of the liberal arts.
  • 711

    Battle of Guadalete

    The defeat was so complete that it marked the end of the Visigoth state in the Iberian Peninsula. One of the causes of the Muslim invasion in the peninsula was the instability of the Visigoth monarchy.
  • 1000


    Were educated artists, poets or musicians, in some cases, from the noble families.
  • 1054

    Eastern Schism

    It was the event that, breaking the unity of what was the State Church of the Roman Empire.
  • Period: 1170 to 1310

    Ars antiqua and Ars Nova

    Ars Antiqua the first form of polyphony was developed: the organum.
    Ars Nova,in this period, polyphonic music was perfected and became more complex in its rhythm and melodies.
  • 1300


    System of government and economic, social and political organization typical of the Middle Ages.
  • 1337


    Was a Florentine painter, muralist, sculptor and architect of the late Middle Ages.
    Lamentation over the dead Christ is a scene by the Italian painter Giotto. It was painted between 1305 and 1306.
  • 1492

    End of the Middle Ages

    The end of this period will be the fall of the Byzantine Empire and the discovery of America soon after in 1492.