Madison Null's Technology Timeline

  • TV Anywhere

    TV Anywhere
    The hottest item for Christmas 2004 was the VideoNow. With VideoNow, you could pop in your favorite Nickelodeon show disc and watch it from anywhere. The VideoNow even came with a headphone jack so I didn't have to share with my brother. I was inseparable with this device. I never went in the car without it for the next year. I wonder where this thing went. Image from
  • This Thing Has Music On It?

    This Thing Has Music On It?
    My dad walked in from work and said "my company gave us all one of these to try out. I'm not sure how to work it, but go nuts." That is exactly what my brother and I did with the first generation iPod shuffle. I remember there was no screen and guessing where you were in the song line up was interesting. This iPod lasted FOREVER. I remember dancing in the kitchen with it. Image from
  • My First Cell Phone

    My First Cell Phone
    I could not wait to turn 10. My parents always said that once I hit double digits I could get a cell phone. When I opened my very own hot pink Razr, I started to scream in excitement. I could not believe that I could play games, send messages, and call from anywhere. Looking back, it is amazing how excited I was for what was cutting edge technology at the time. Image from
  • Time For An Upgrade

    Time For An Upgrade
    It was time to upgrade my flip phone to a smart phone. The iPhones were all the rage. I was so excited to get the iPhone 3G. I remember the long lecture from my dad about taking care of it. The large touch-screen was mind-blowing. Looking back at the graphics on it now makes my eyes hurt. Crazy! Image from
  • Laptops For Everyone

    Laptops For Everyone
    My sophomore year of high school was the first year in our new building. With our new building came a New Tech grant. With this grant, our school became project based. There were no text books and each student had their own laptop. This new style of school was hard to get used to, but it benefitted me so much! Image from
  • Teaching from Home

    Teaching from Home
    The Covid-19 pandemic pushed teachers everywhere to abruptly learn a new way to teach from home. Through this experience, I learned to use video technology to teach my students. I learned how to screen share, allow students to use interactive whiteboards, and connect to my students from my home to theirs. This is one of the benefits from this pandemic. Image from