Love 4 Reading

By mayad25
  • Kindergarten

    I am from Los Angeles and did my early education there. In 2009 I entered Kindergarten, was also the year my younger brother was born. I first began to attempt reading at age 5. I really enjoyed the illustration in books and wanted to make the connections.
  • Second Grade

    Second Grade
    I won a medal during reading week at my elementary school, for testing at a higher age group because of my reading level.
  • Love for Creating

    In second grade I also began to illustrate pictures to go with my stories I created. Drawing is something that I have done for a long time, so when the project was introduced to us I was so excited to showcase my creations. The way reading and art went hand and hand blossomed my relationship with reading. So excited to turn the page and see what happens next.
  • Book Fair

    Book Fair
    The book fair was my favorite time of year during my early stages in school. I was really into the "Dork Diaries" collection, it was my favorite book series growing up. I collected all of the books and still have them to this day. I remember begging my mom or aunty for the next book. MY aunty always bought me the new ones because she wanted my love for reading to grow.
  • The Move

    The Move
    This is where the move from California to Nevada took place. This was very challenging to me considering that I was no longer graduating from 5th grade with my childhood friends. My mom struggled with finding a great school for my brother and I. Due to poor ratings, she was worried. When going to my new school my love to read was questioned by my peers.
  • Apps

    I began to expand my readings a bit more with different reading interaction games such as the app "Episode" it was pretty popular around 2014-2017. There were a few others where I read but Episode was by far my favorite, almost addicted.
  • Middle School....

    Middle School....
    In middle school the most awkward of times, I was found with my nose in a book during passing periods or by the lockers. Also having things going on at home ,books and art was my escape. So my bond with reading grew stronger.
  • Middle School Part 2

    I ended up changing my school 7th grade year and I found friends. I was so happy to have my connection with my friend group my reading kind of fell off for a while. I was so focused on hang-outs and sleepovers. Still read my episode game but not many physical, books.
  • High School

    In high school I used my past knowledge and experiences in my writing. I was recognized in high-school a lot from my teachers for my creative use of detail in writing. I noticed that the more I read the more I found ways to play on words, or keep people engaged in essays. Reading and writing was something I excelled in, I was comfortable. Unlike math, which was never my thing.
  • High School Part 2

    I began to read more than I did in a long time. In quarantine that was one of the most things I did to occupy my time. I even formed a book club amongst my close friends and we would discuss at sleepovers about the characters. It was really fun to see everyone's point of view.
  • Current

    I now try to read more often, I felt as if I get so caught up in life that I haven't found the time to do the things I once loved. So this is something I am working on bringing back my love to read.