Loss History Graph

  • My favorite uncle

    My favorite uncle
    Anthony Colbert was a truck driver and my favorite uncle. He died from a heart attack in the back of his truck.
  • Mama Grace

    Mama Grace
    My grandma’s sister and one of the best cooks I’ve ever laid eyes on.
  • My buddy

    My buddy
    Donta Mickens was my old best friends little cousin. Such a sweet, humble and funny kid. He died due to hun violence and never received justice.
  • Aunt na

    Aunt na
    Nadine Colbert was my uncle Anthony’s wife. She was one of the sweetest women I had the pleasure of knowing.
  • Old Supervisor

    Old Supervisor
    Natasha Hayes, I met her at the start of my career at the post office. She gave me so many chances and I’m grateful or I wouldn’t be still there today.
  • My Grandmother

    My Grandmother
    Edith Colbert, passed in her own home right in front of me.
  • LLW

    LLW stood for lovely lady of wisdom. She passed in her home alone. She was a mentor/ friend to me.
  • My Father

    My Father
    Earl Colbert passed in the hospital due to cardiac arrest from Covid.
  • Moved

    My fathers sister put my sister and I out after my father passed. I had been living in that house my whole life so it was a major loss for me.
  • My great grandmother

    My great grandmother
    Gertrude Jackson passed away in the hospital due to complications.
  • Dog died

    Dog died
    Logan was my first dog that I tried to sneak in my home. My dad didn’t allow it so I had to give him to my sister.
  • My second cousin

    My second cousin
    Jasmine Burney was my second cousin but we grew up more like sisters. At the time of her death our relationship was on the rocks due to my feelings of her not being there for me after my father passed. When I got the call about her passing in her sleep I felt terrible.
  • FCE

    Lost my final FCE paper last Wednesday after completing 37 pages. I am not to extend my time in the program and also am expecting a baby next month. I am extremely disappointed but hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel!