Lizbeth's Life

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  • I Was Born

    I Was Born
    I was born on the 22nd of December, 2002. Which makes me 16 years old as of this timeline. I was about 8 pounds, I was (and still am) heavier than both of my sisters. I was my mother's biggest pregnancy and firstborn. I'm the oldest child.
  • We Moved to Florida and Dad Left the Picture.

    We Moved to Florida and Dad Left the Picture.
    This is a stereotypical/common thing that happens but it affects my life every day. I do keep in contact with him but it hurts me everytime I talk to him. But we moved from Putnam to Florida after I was 1 year old. After my dad left, he took most of the stuff we had, and we were without a home for a while. But eventually we were taken in by, who would soon be, my second sister's biological father.
  • My Mom and I leave Florida

    My Mom and I leave Florida
    After living with my sister's father for a while, my mom got pregnant and the man became abusive. So we took my koi fish, some money, clothes, and his car. We escaped and drove from Orlando, Florida to the Bronx. I was 3 years old. We went to the apartment my grandma lived in. Then we moved to a duplex, we lived on the bottom floor. I lived with my grandma, my aunt, my cousin, my mom, and my other aunt's dog.
  • Settled in the Bronx and Little Sister is Born

    Settled in the Bronx and Little Sister is Born
    After my sister was born, my sister's dad came up to the Bronx to see my baby sister. He tried to say but when everyone said no, he went crazy and started breaking things. He hurt my mom and she kicked him out. Thankfully I never saw him again. A year or so later, we got enough money to afford our own Wii system. I never was really into Barbie dolls or girly toys. I loved videogames and playing outside with my cousin. We would go out to the park or our front "yard" and play with action figures.
  • My mother meets my current stepdad

    My mother meets my current stepdad
    When my mom told me she met a new guy and that she wanted to date him, I was upset because I thought it was going to end up like all the guys my mom had been with before. But he turned out to be nice. We went out to parks with him and his brother. We had barbecues and watched movies. They let us borrow some of their video games and we had a good time.
  • Went across the country

    Went across the country
    After many legal battles, custody things were settled and my mom allowed me to go across the country with my dad for business. We drove in this big commercial truck from New York to California. I don't remember which part of California. At one point during the trip, my dad left me alone in a gas station and I got lost. My mom lost more trust in my dad after we came back. But when I returned home, my mom and her boyfriend were getting ready to move to Brewster.
  • Moved up to Brewster

    Moved up to Brewster
    This move was the most permanent and stable home I've been in. I'm glad we left the city, things could have been worse for me there. We moved to Brewster right before I turned 8. I was surprised that a place could be so peaceful. My mom's boyfriend had a dog, Gizmo, and my other dog, Niko, were brought with us. It was weird to be a dark hispanic girl in a mostly white school. I hid the fact that I could speak Spanish so I could fit in. I met my first friend that I'm still friends with today.
  • Parents Got Married

    Parents Got Married
    My mom was already pregnant with my second sister when she married my step dad. It was a super low-key wedding in a court, we didn't have a ton of money for a massive reception. But we had an after party at a friend's house. The bothers and sisters in our congregation made me and my younger sister feel included, even though we were the only kids there. I missed school to be at the wedding. And people told me the day I came back, "Your parents are already supposed to be married." Shut up, dude.
  • Second Sister is Born

    Second Sister is Born
    It was our first day of school and my mom went into labor after we got on the bus. My second sister was born, and we went to the hospital in the middle of the day. So I guess it was a win on our part since we missed classes to see our new baby sister. They questioned my step dad when he ent to pick us up. They called my mom while she was in labor and she screamed over the phone that we are his kids, and to let us go. I'm 1000% sure that they were fully convinced that he was our step dad.
  • Getting Serious About Art

    Getting Serious About Art
    I started trying harder with my art. I had already liked drawing but by this point, I took it more seriously. My step dad inspired me to do better and I also found a friend in my school who liked to draw. She taught me how to do some stuff. Plus she also introduced me to this coding program called Scratch. I started animating on Scratch and I gained a small following on the site. Looking back on it now, I realized my art used to be terrible, but Scratch helped me grow.
  • I Shaved My Hair

    I was getting sick and tired of my curly, nappy, and knotted hair. So I took after my mom and cut it all off. I got a buzzcut and it did look good on me at the time. I didn't know how to take care of my hair and I wanted to do something new. A few other girls took after me since their hair was just like mine--hard to manage. My hair slowly grew back over the years. My short hair played into the bullying I was going to receive a few years later.
  • Freshman Year

    Freshman Year
    This was a big year for me, I grew so much. Not physically yet, but I learned new things and I've been put through situations that have molded me more into who I am now. I was bullied a lot during freshman year. I was repeatedly made fun of because of my body not being fully developed yet. This put me in a dark mindset that I'm trying to grow out of to this day. I grew my nails out long and put on pounds of makeup at the cost of my health, sleep, and relationships.
  • Almost Failed Freshman Year

    Almost Failed Freshman Year
    My parents had checked my grades at the end of the year and I almost failed. I didn't do most of my homework for all of my classes because of the insecurities and bullying throughout the year. The only thing that saved me from completely failing was the fact that I got high grades on my final exams. It made me pay attention more to my grades and try to push harder. I'm currently trying to graduate early, the work is hard, but I'm doing my best to hold onto my grades and my mental health.
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    I have gotten more mature, I grew up physically and mentally. My mental health has gotten a bit worse, but now I have a therapist and friends that care about me and love me. My parents are supporting my art as well as one of my closest friends. Hopefully things get way better for me and that I can fulfill my dream of graduating early.