linh" Family Timeline

  • My grandfather met my granmother.

    My grandmother brang foods for army so my grandfather met her at the army. He was falling in love with my grandmother.
  • My grandfather got married with my grandmother.

    Because Vietnam on 13th,august,1948 had war so they made a small party. They met many difficult.
  • My grandfather attended the war.

    My grandfather attended the war.
    My Grand - grandparents was rich. They wanted thier' son go to Pais, but my grandfather didn't want, so he attended the war at Vietnam.
  • My father was born.

    He is the third child in the family .when he was chirl, he loved cooking. He said: " In the future, i want be a chef."
  • My grandfather went to the Ho Chi Minh City with his friends.

    He found a job . My grandmother lived in Hanoi.
  • My grandfather arrived Hanoi capital.

    My grandmother had a shop. My grandfather helped her, and they had a lot of money.
  • He was a chef at a big hotel in Russia. He lived there alone. So he is good at English.

  • He was a workman at factory.

  • when my father was 23, he traveled to Russia.

    My father went to Russia because he want to knew how to learned cooking.
  • My father met a famous chef.

    He really liked my father, my father followed him. He tought my father how to cook well.
  • He arrived Hanoi. He was a good cooker.

  • He was falling in love with my mother.

    My mother worked in this hotel too.
  • when he lived in Hanoi, he worked at Sofitel hotel . And he met my mother here.

  • He got maried my mother. They lived together.

  • I was born

  • my father bought a new house on Nghi Tam Str. We have lived here for 9 years.

  • my father openned his restaurant.

    his restaurant name is Chien Beo.
  • my grandfather died.

    He had lung cancer. He died when he 78 years old.
    My gianmother lived with my parrent and me.His funeral was 7/8/2007, many people visited, My family and his friends were so sad. My grandmother cried so much and me too.
  • My yourger sister was born.

    Her name is Khanh Linh.She is so cute.
  • Now. my family so happy.

    My parent have a good job.My younger sister is 4 years old. she studys at Hanoi Academy Shool. i learn at hn academy too. I LOVE MY FAMILY.