Linea de tiempo de los eventos mas importantes de mi vida

Timeline created by CAMN
  • my birth

    When my mother was 7 months pregnant, the delivery was early, she was born with a low weight and took 15 days in an incubator.
  • Period: to

    my first trip

    That month I went to valledupar (my first time there)
  • My first birthday

    My first birthday I was in the clinic with the flu and fever, they gave me an exit in the afternoon and my family had a party prepared for me, many friends, relatives came and I had many gifts
  • my first trip to the beach

    My mom had a birthday and we went to the beach
  • My first bike

    My dad gave me my first bicycle
  • Period: to

    My first school year

    That I went to study at the children's home recess in the lions club
  • the first time i went to the cinema

    That day I went with my family to see the premiere of the movie The Ice Age 4
  • Period: to

    The birth of my little sister

    That day my mother had a baby with a baby sister who was 7 months old.
  • Period: to

    my first school year failed

    That year I went very badly both academically and in discipline which led me to miss my first year of school
  • my baptism

    that day i was baptized
  • my baptism

    That day I was baptized