• 7.2 - Childhood Attachment Experiences

    I was about 6 or 7 that time. I was secure base because my mother gave me a lot of attention, nurture, affectionate, and caring. She always tuck me in bed, saying ily and gives me kisses. But now, I am like my mother in some ways because I am loving, affectionate, gentle, caring and easily to be liked and sociable with people. I like to be helpful with people. Loves give attention to furry animals and children.
  • 6.1- Young Adult Role Transition

    The transition is me being a college student as freshman at Gallaudet University; I was 18 that time (emerging adulthood). The challenges that I faced is more independence and more reasonablity of what choices I make. Away from home and less depend on my mother for whatever reasons I might need. I coped the challenges is to meet new people and explore what optiions of classes to declare my major and thinking of which jobs i want to stick with for my own future.
  • Lindsay_Vine_PSY315

    I was 21; almost 22 that time; felt that I was biologically adult. The event I choose the age of 21 because that time I was going through an changes from leaving college that time and decided to move out of New York on my own, had a job, paid my own bills and lived in Iowa. The event is normative; because that ages of adulthood phase would figure out about themselves. I did find more about myself; such as I feel more stable and know what path I wanted to choose for my future plans.
  • 11.1 Major Life Event

    My mom was brought into the hospital for brain anerysm on that night of June 3rd. I was very worried, numb, and confused. The stressor that I experienced is how could I make decision for her surgeries, and her rehabitation and therapy. My older Aunt helped me with the decision and everything so I could feel little less of overwhelmed. The coping ways I did is to talk with my friends on Videophone - The coping way of is social coping; I needed the support and distractions from the whole thing.
  • 3.2 Genetic Limits

    I would say that my theory is that; If I don't have any diseases such as diabetes type 2, and heart disease. I would try to avoid that kind of disease because, that's the way that I can keep myself longer is to keep up with exercise everday, eating those kind of healthy foods and without no stress in my life will delay my aging.
  • 3.1 Oxidative Damage

    My theory is that if I eat those healthy foods such as broccoli, corns, eggplants, strawberries, red grapes with exercise and taking vitamin C and E pills, and avoiding expose with sun as if I put the right sunscreen (radiation), and not smoking or use heavy drugs, will delay my aging because it will effect me to live a healthy life longer because of those special nurtients that feeds into my body and keep me healthy longer.
  • 4_1 My current healthy lifestyle

    I don't really eat 2-4 servings of fruits or 3-5 vegetables everyday; I tend to eat a lot of my favorite foods such as mashed potatoes, different kinds of meats, soups and other foods and sodas daily. I don't eat candy that much through. I don't exercise that much through except for walking around the campus daily. I am not a smoker. I only drink alcohol on special occasions only. Unfortunately; I don't put on sunscreen that often :( I would want to try to exercise more (go to gym to use their e
  • 4.2- Potential consequences of my lifestyle

    If I didn't do anything to change with my body at the age of 50; I might will have high blood pressure, possible heart attack or bad cholesterol, diabetes and obesity due to my bad eating habit from present. If I had done with better lifestyles such as exercise (go to gym), Eating better with the servings of fruits and vegetables and stay away from sodas and starting to drink water and healthy juices until I turn 50. It would make my healthy lifestyles to be healthy and longer that way without t
  • 7.1 - Adult Attachment Style

    Preoccupied Style sounds most like me. Especially my very close friends. For example; I love my High School best friend as very close sister; we tend to support each other in everything; she and her sons is my world. I also consider my other best friend from college as my other sister..she and I always calls each other as other half and we always confide in each other and gives good advices as well. I cannot live with out them and I really hope they do value me in same ways as i do.
  • Generativity- 9.1

    As I picked Lore's video- I feel that her grandma's life do reflect on the theory of generativity because she took care of her parents as she paid them money to "support" them until she left and married her husband. She worked as teacher and took care of her children and it causes her stress and she took care of them and took care of the household as well, until they grew up and left the household. As she got older and she only had to take care of herself, her husband and the household duties.
  • Ego Integrity - 9.2

    I picked Brittany's video than others because I feel that her grandpa has been through a lot as a deaf person and he got over his barriers and is the first deaf to graduate from college from his family; he is so smart and as he got older, he got more wisdom to give out towards people. Now as he got older; his life is more complete and he surely did wished that he done so much more in his life but he does appericate and satisfy with his life with his wife, children and grandchildren.
  • 10.1 Fowler

    I knew that I had a christianity of a religion grew up. My story is like a realistic because of I was told by my family and friends about dealth; I always knew that the people who passed away goes to Heaven. I always knew that the truth of death is like you are gone to heaven and possible having a after-life. If I was a good perosn or doing those good things; I would go to Heaven not Hell. I always had some faith into my christtianity religion but I don't practice it as of right now.
  • 8.1 My RIASEC type

    I defineitely do think that the Social Type do match me and my personality, because I tend to help, teach and social with people. Since I am majoring in Family with Children Studies - I would say that the job best fits me as Infant, 3 to 4 Grade teacher, Daycare Worker, and Teacher Assistant. I am very interested into those jobs because that is what I wanted to be after graduation from Gallaudet in May 2012
  • 8.2 Super’s Stages

    My stage would be Exploration- because I am at present of explore what jobs I would seek after graduation in 2012. my career would be going probably basic starting a job as Daycare Worker, Teacher Assistant or Dorm Houseparent at a Residental Deaf Schools. At the time I will be probably see if I would keep this job as permanently? I am pretty sure that I will enjoy this job as the exploration level.
  • 6.2 - Older Adult Role Transition

    The transition I would expect is to be still married to my future husband and having my future 2 to 3 children to leave my nest. I would face the challenges is to get used to their "emptiness" in the house, the another changes I would face is the role of changing (expansion of gender roles) with my future husband. How would I cope? I would do new things such as hobby on my own or with my future husband to focus on both of our marriage.
  • 5.2 - Attention

    My procedural memory is decline due to sometimes forgot to take my medicines in the mornings. My strategy for succeed of daily activities of living is to buy a reminder box of daily day or put post it on my bathroom mirror to remind myself for the daily intake of my medicines.
  • 5.1 - Working Memory

    At age of 55- My memory is been challenging and decline due to prospective memory because I simply forgot to do errands for my husband at later in the afternoon. How can I develop an strategy to succeed?? I would buy or build an board to write on to remind myself for the activities of daily living.
  • Obituary

    Lindsay Vine-Potter, Born October 19, 1983. Died suddenly on Tuesday, March 7th 2062. She is survived by her husband, Roger Potter Jr, Also is survived by her two children, Amelia Potter (Post) and her husband, Anthony Post. Grandchildren Isabelle and Jayden. Carson Potter and his wife, Carla Potter (Nicci) and grandchildren; Caylee and Larisa. Predeceased by her mother, Susan Vine. She is a 2011 Graduate of Gallaudet University . Also is a long time teacher at Texas School for the Deaf until s