• 1.1 Entering Adolescence

    I entered my first year of adolescence. This was the beginning of my thirteenth year. This year is the beginning of my Early Adolescent stage because in this year I began to experience puberty, friendships, conflict, and even a bit of instability. With puberty came many friendships that were best friends, but since have dissapted. The conflict and instablity that came included the moving to a new school and the death of my grandfather. I feel that I did match the books example with my life.
  • 4.2- Non-Gender typed Behavior

    Growing up, I knew this girl, well woman now, who displayed behavior that isn't usual for a girl. She was very sexually promiscious. By the time we were 13, she had had around 9 sexual partners. She oftentimes would say that she felt that sex was her favorite thing to do, and anytime she was around a guy all she would think was intercourse with him. She often would only engage in intercourse with the male, and at all cost she would avoid rapport talk with them because she didn't feel the need.
  • 7.1-Transition into High School

    For most people, when they transition into high school they experience what is known as the top-dog phenomenon. This is where they go from being the biggest and baddest to being the smallest and weakest. For me though, this transition did not exist. The simple reason for this was because by the time I reached high school, I was already the biggest and baddest. The reason for this was because I stayed in one school so we were all basically equal in this since. I never really experienced this.
  • 2.1- Typical Maturer

    When I was in junior high, I really could recall the first time I noticed that puberty had hit my class. I noticed everyone hit their growth spurts, at least the boys did. The girls though I was very typical becase when they had thier first menstration I was having mine also.I guess one can say this was the same time that Gonadarche began for me too. I do recall the first time I had cramps. I remember going to my mom concerned because it hurt so bad. She explained menstruation to me then.
  • 2.2 Niche-Picking

    My entire life I have known where my niche is. The niche I have found that worked the best for me was softball. This is a place where I could express my feelings and leave it all on the field. This could be related to my genes because my father played sports and he always told me that was his niche. So I guess the same goes for me. This has helped to keep me level headed ever since. This is what was most compatible for me in my life because I felt like I belonged for the first time ever.
  • 6.2- Stimulation

    As I was growing into the person I am today, I had very many people who I considered my friends. There was one person in particular whom I enjoyed spending copious amounts of time with. This girl really helped to encourage me to do different things. I can remember on this date, her and I spent all night talking about our commonalities and our differences. Really building the friendship that we share today. From that day on we have been the best of friends and we continure to share the same joys.
  • 3.1 Personal Fable

    When I was around the age of 16, I thought that everyone wanted to be me and wanted my life. This started when my dad became principal of the school I attended, I was instantly popular. I thought in my naive mind that everyone wanted to be me because of my dad. This is an example of personal fable because I was under the allusion everyone wanted my life and that fits the definition of a personal fable. I feel that when I started to abstractly think I formed those coherent thoughts about others.
  • Timeline 8-1:Rite of Passage

    Being from the southern United States, one of the biggest rites of passage one can go through is going on thier first hunting trip. My first trip was with my dad and my uncle. I can remember the thrill I had when I woke up early that morning eager and ready to shoot me a deer. When I had successfully done so I can remember going back home with a line of dried deer blood on my cheek. This is the ritual that my Indian Ancestors did when someone had their first kill. Something we continue today.
  • 3.2 Idealism

    I am popular. I am cool. I like to help people. I enjoy sports. I am beautiful. I am skinny, I am close with my family. I am loved. I have beautiful blonde hair. I wouldn't change for the world. I am everything to someone. I am a friend. I have best friends who understand me. I am the person I want to be, I won't change myself for anyone. I am me.
  • 1.2 Emerging Adulthood

    Many people say there is a date where they first become an adult. For me, it was the day my best friend died in a tragic car accident. This event posed the biggest issue for me because up to this point though I had been for the most part stable I was beginning to experience some instability. With this instability came some major changes in my life. I went from being an idealist to a pessimist in two minutes because of this. Now though, I am rebulding my life slowy, and embracing who I truly am.
  • 6.1 Parent-Adolescent Conflict

    When I was younger, my cognition level stayed at an egocentric perspective for quite sometime. I was egocentric in believing that everything in the world was about me and my life. This led to an extremely large fight with my parents when I wanted to go on a date alone when I was 15, but my parents said that I was too young. I thought that they didn't care about my internal wants at all so therefore I blew up on them and I ended up grounded for a month.
  • 6.3-Companionship

    When I was an adolescent, I played sports. The main sport that I played was softball. The person who I formentioned in 6.2 wa son the same softball team as me. When she and I were on the field, we shared this common bond that could not be severed. I was the outfielder and she was the catcher. Together we were the dream team of softball duos. In playing sports we enjoyed spending time together practicing or discussing our next moves. She really showed me the true definition of companionship.
  • 3.3 Contradiction

    I am unpopular. I am loved. I am friendless. I have a few friends. I have enemies. I am strong to most people, but I am weak. I don't like people, but I love my friends. I am hated by some people. I am shy and out-going. I am spontaneous and planned. I am perfect and I am flawed. I am me.
  • 7.2-Transition to College

    My transition into college was not a typical one. For most people, they arrive to school maybe a couple days before the semester starts for me though, I arrived an entire month early. The reason for this was because I had to come and learn ASL. This was the moment that I really felt out of place. I became very depressed because I couldnt communicate with people. This seems to fit the norm of college freshman who are first time away from home.
  • 7.3- Intrinsic Motivation

    On this date years ago, something very exciting happened to me. My softball team went to the state playoffs. This was the first time that my team had ever reached this far and I was at the center of the action. The level of self-determination that we all exhibited was great. I can remember being so in love with the sport that it made me play even better. This was also the game of my first homerun. The intrinsic motivation I experienced helped me to gain enough confidence to perform great and win
  • 4.1 Gender Typed Behavior

    As I grew up, I saw many people have many different types of behavior ranging from anger to being extremely sexual. The one I am going to discuss now is that of a girl I know who could not control her impulses. Oftentimes the girl would be so implsed to do different things. One example of this was when she impuslively crawled under the table because she could not control herself. She said that she felt like she was not in control of her body. She soon after left school.