By pdb
  • Date of Conception

  • Gender Determined

  • Birth

  • My first Assult (social)

    My mother was holding me in her arms, and my brother wanted some attention as well. This idea did not meet my concept as to how the world should work, so I leaned over and bit him on the top of the head.
  • First Step (Physical)

    I took my first step towards my father, hanging on to my mother's hand. We were in our living room, and the mood was exuberant. I think.
  • First Word (Cognative)

    My first word was "Helecopter". My older brother worked insesently to teach me this, repeating it over and over again until I finally said it to his (and my mother's) satisfaction.
  • Spelled my Name (Cognative)

    I was sitting on our little blue-carpeted steps that lead to the upstairs bedrooms. My mom had just finished telling my dad about what a good job I had done that day, and then she turned to me and asked me to show. Several tries later, I finally exhausted my few combinations and got it right.
  • Learned to Ride a Bicycle (physical)

    I was camping with my parents and grandparents somewhere in the Smokey Mountains, and my Dad decided that it was officially time for my training wheels to come off. So he whipped out his ever handy tool kit, grabed a ratchet, socket and wrench, and popped the little trainers off. I took it up to the top of a MASSIVE (rather mild, actually) hill, and coasted down, somehow managing to stay upright until the very end, when I half-jumped half-stepped off.
  • Wrote my Mom a letter (social)

    I sat down on my bed, picked up my little pencil and notepad paper, and wrote "I luv yuo mom", in barly legible handwriting. She probably still has it.
  • 13'th Birthday (Social)

    My thirteenth birthday, all my grandparents came to our house, as well as several of my friends. I was rather embaressed, due to the fact that they were all celebrating the fact that I was finally a teenager, and I felt far to old for birthday parties. But, in the end, it was fun.
  • Began Highschool (cognative)

    I was homeschooled until 11'th grade, when I attended Campion academy. Unfortunatly, due to my unusual credits, I had to repeat 11'th grade at boarding academy. My highschool experiance before Campion was a little rocky, due to constant circumstantial strain, forced intrinsic motivation and familial troubles.
  • Major Growth Spurt (physical)

    Throughout the fall and winter of the listed year, I experianced a considerable growth spurt, which I was rather happy about, considering that I gained both hight and muscle.
  • Began College (Cognative)

    Although I attended Smart Start, I officially began my college career on this date. So far, other than graduation, it has been the largest event in my early adult experiance.
  • Begin work in my career field (social)

    This is obviously hard to pin down, as it lies in the future and remains unclear. However, I hope that I will be working in my chosen proffesion by this date at the very latest.
  • Achieve the peak of my physical fitness

    I hope that within a 2 or 3 year brackett to this date, I will have obtained my peak performance physically, and will be able to maintain this level for approxemently 10 to 15 years before the ineviteble decline begins.
  • Buy a House

    I will most likely perchase or build a house by the time I graduatue college. Hopefully it will be in a location conducive to my career.
  • Become an Uncle

    My brother will most definantly be married by now, and probably have a kid. My guess is, I'll be able to pull off the awsome uncle act quite nicely by helping him do a myriad of cool little things my bro never picked up on.
  • Maintain a high level of physical fitness

    I will hopefully still be in my prime at this point. However, it will prove far more difficult to maintian my level of fitness that it did a decade ago.
  • Eysight begins to decline

    Based on my parents, my eysight will probably begin to decline by this point in my life. Hopefully just glasses.
  • Great uncle!

    By now, I should be a great uncle! My brother's kids will have grown up and be shoving their own little muffins in the oven.
  • Achive comprehensive expertise in my field

    By this time, I should have achieved, basically, my highest level of profficiency in my career. This is the golden point, not to old but plenty of experiance.
  • Death

    Obviously, I have no desire to even attempt to assign a date to this event. But, I truely don't care when or where or how it happens, just so long as I am ready to meet my savior.