• Birth

    I wieghed 7 lbs according to my mother. There were no complications and I was born in the afternoon. I was breast fed so I bonded well with my mother. I had good reflexes such as sucking, curling my toes and grasping. Surprisingly, I was able to show emotions such as contentment and distress. Soon I began to learn to crawl and enjoyed playing with my toys. at about six months, babbling were my first words. I experience emotions, happines and anger.
  • Period: to


  • First birthday

    First birthday
    I learned to walk. I like to experiment with things and explore. I can say a few words. I am more emotional and I have separation anxiety when my mom leaves me.
  • Age 2

    At two-years old, I am able to solve simple problems so I can put my favorite puzzle together because, I am better at processing information through perception and memory. I am beginning to learn to talk. I like looking at my image in the mirror and I hate it when my mom leaves me.. I am mostly happy.
  • The play years 3-6

    The play years 3-6
    My body has changed. I am not as chubby I can't sit still and I like to play kick a ball, jump up and down and ride a bike.I like to cut out picture. I get angry at my brother if he takes my stuff. My mother is showing me how to tie my shoe laces. I like to play with my dolls and feed and dress up like my mom.
  • My school years age 5-10

    I liked playing baseball. And I liked hanging out with my friends. I won a spelling bee when I was in the third grade.
  • Adolescence-my cognitive development age 12-17

    I now beginning to focus more on my hygiene. It is very important for me to look my best all the time so people will not stare at me. I enjoyed going to school although, I wasn't one of those students who studied all the time. I had good friends who supported me,
  • Adolescence- my Biosocial developemntage 12-17

    I could wait to buy my first bra. I was excited when me and my mom went to the store and picked out my first training bra. I felt like a grown-up woman. I remember hating being so much taller than the boys my age.
  • Adolescence-my psychosocial development 12-17

    I liked wearing mini skirts and hip hugger, bell-bottom jeans. My hated my clothes but it was an expression of independence and who I was.
  • eighteenth birthday, my bio-social development.

    I turned 18. I am healthy and strong. I plan to wait to attend college and wait to get in a serious relationship because I want to make sure we are compatible.
  • emerging adulthood-cognitive development

    from personal experiences, I thought that women make better financial advisers. My mother always took care of the finances in my home. Now I see that men are just as good as women. I am a spiritual person who believes in a higher being. This keeps me grounded. I love going to college because of the intellectual growth. My degree will be in psychology.
  • emerging adulthood-my psychosocial developement

    I am 22 years old. I have graduated from college. As an African American woman, I want to be a good example for my race. I have a few good friends, which makes life bearable. Also, I am ready to find that special person. When I do find that special person, living together may be a good idea before we marry.
  • adulthood-biosocial development

    I have been married for ten-year. I am still relatively healthy but I am noticing some changes in my physical appearance. My skin is not as firm and I need reading glasses. My memory is not as good as it was when I was in my twenties but, my intellectual abilities still seem the same.
  • adulthood-cognitive development

    As I get older, I enjoy crossword puzzles. I try to focus on learning new things. I enjoy reading, writing and spending time gardening, of which, I have gotten really good at growing tomatoes. I know that at my age, It is practical to eat better and exercise, but that is easier said than done.
  • adulthood-psychosocial development

    I have a great family. I love having my grandchildren over. My friends and I have a knitting club.
  • Late adulthood-biosocial development

    I am sixty-five years old. I have the usual signs of aging, gray hair, few wrinkles and slower reaction time. I am still pretty healthy but suffer from minor aches and pains. I try to eat good nutritional meals and exercise. I looking forward to the next decade.
  • Late adulthood-cognitive development

    At eighty years of age, I am having a harder time with processing information. It is taking me longer to complete tasks. My memory is not what it used to be either. I have to make reminders and I am worrying about dementia. I am more wise than I used to be and I am learning to paint.
  • late adulthood-pyschosocial development

    I have been married for over forty years now and things are still pretty good with me and my spouse. I volunteer and like being with family. We still live in the same house we bought forty years ago. In general, I am satisfied with my life.
  • Epilogue

    I have lived a long and enjoyable life. I want to die a natural death. It is important for me to have my wishes about dying granted, so I have a living will and health proxy to have my wishes honored.