life timeline

By tkit
  • Birth

    This life event created a new cohort, gave me the role of human & daughter, born into generation X, the "latchkey" generation.
  • Period: to

    life timeline

  • Started school

    Started school
    During this life event I transitioned to a new social institution. I had a new cohort & status with a new role and a new role set. I learned social norms and expectations and transitioned from a toddler to a young child, gaining independence.
  • Moved & started a new school

    Moved & started a new school
    During this life event I had to transition to a new cohort within a new social institution. Although I had the same role as a student I had to leave old friends behind and make new ones which caused a role strain. I learned to accept change and how to make new friends.
  • First job

    First job
    This life event transitioned me into the new role of employee and the beginning of adulthood. I had a new status, cohort and role set which also created a role strain trying to balance work, school, family & friends. I gained independence, learned new skills as well as responsibility and money management.
  • Married

    During this life event I transitioned to the role of wife, within a social institution. I gained a new cohort, as well as a new status and role set. Getting married taught me to compromise, communicate better and work as a team. I gained new family members as well as comfort, security, stability and started a family.
  • First child

    First child
    By far the best life event I have had! Having my first child, transitioned me into the role of a Mom. being a Mom gave me gave me a new role set and status but also caused a role conflict learning to balance my other roles as wife & employee. Through my journey as a Mom I have more purpose, learned unconditional love, responsibility, so many new skills and have so much more purpose to my life.
  • Second child

    Second child
    We added a new member to our cohort. This amazing life event transitioned me to the Mother of 2 boys. This added so much joy and love to our life but also created a role strain as I learned to balance 2 children.
  • Hopefully finish College

    Hopefully finish College
    I hope to transition to this new social institution, which will be a major life event for me as well as give me a new status and role with a new role set. I hope to graduate and obtain secure employment to better our future and give me something to be proud of and feel like I accomplished something as well as a sense of self satisfaction.
  • Both my kids will be officially adults

    Both my kids will be officially adults
    This transition into a parent of adult children will change my role as a Mom and give me a new role set with less responsibility and more freedom.
  • Retirement

    This life event will change my status and cohort as well as my role set while I transition into a more relaxed lifestyle with more freedom.