Yess girl

Life Timeline

  • Public School

    I was excited for my first day at public school,I was 6 at the same time. i just knew i was going to make all new friends and have fun
  • Death

    My grandmother died
    She was my bestfriend at the time... i loved my Mom-Mom
    Never really got over her death
  • BFF

    I meet my two best friends this day , we're still close and they're the only two people i tell everything to. they're there for me, i love them
  • I thought it was Love

    They say no one ever tops your first. The day I meet my exboyfriend.... Significance: after we broke up... I changed alot, for good and bad but i learned from it and grew up.
  • Lacrosse

    Made Varsity Lacrosse , i worked soo hard to get where im at and its something i love to play. Its my escape, stress reliver.