Life Timeline

  • Birth of The Calen Genobaga

    On the fifth of July something happened. A great occurance happened. A little baby would be born on this day, the fifth of july. The baby come from the Philipino Genobaga family. The babies name that was born on the fifth of July nineteen ninety-eight was Calen Genobaga.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First Day at SAA

    I entered the school called Sacramento Adventist Academy. I was in the seventh grade when i first attented Sacramento Adventist Academy. I first met Jake Calkins who yelled something at me. Then i met a woman by the name of Emi Johnston who was my teacher. She introduced my to some people and was very nice to me.
  • Meeting a weird teacher

    On the August of nine i met a teacher. His name was William GIle. I walked into the mutlipurpose room to find my locker number. This new face gave me introduced himself and stated that he was my new Bible teacher. My first thought was that this guy is a little weird and probably horrible at chess. I said hi and left the scene immediately.
  • Moved to California

    Around this date my family and I moved to Sacramento California. Well i guess not in Sacramento but in Yuba City. It is this little, boring, farmer city. My uncle, aunt, and cousins live in Yuba City so we decided to move close to family. I went to this little Adventist school that had 13 people in the whole school and then i went to a public school and then i came to Sacramento Adventist Academy.
  • Baptism

    Some time in my twenties i think i should get baptized. i feel that I am too young to be baptized in my teen years. I know that i will not follow the rules because i am so young and i have a lot to experience. At this age i should be mature enough to understand the meaning of being baptized.
  • Marry a Girl

    On this exact date i will marry the girl of my dreams. Her name is Ariana Grande. She will be madly in love with me and I will be madly in love with her and we will live together forever. Our wedding will be in Europe somewhere. We will make little redhead babies and be happy.