Life timeline

  • The day I was born

    I was born in Decomber twenty second, 2001.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Full moon party

    When I was full moon, I had a party with my family and cousins for my full moon two day after my real full moon.
  • First Valantines day celebration

    It was my first Valentine. I celebrated it with my family and a few friends that were babies as well.
  • First trip

    My first trip to out of Hong Kong is to Adelaide, Australia.
  • first birthday party

    It was my first party when I was 1 years.
  • My little sister

    My little sister was born, she was called Livia.
  • Full Moon party, Sister

    We had a party with my sister for full moon, then had a party with our family on the exac day.
  • Music School

    It was the first time I took any music lessons not including school. I was learing at a company named Tom Lee, it was a company that teaches music.
  • Picinic

    It was my first time to have a pincic during school times, I really enjoyed it!
  • First time at Disney Land

    I went to Disney land for the first time with some of my friends.
  • Play group

    When I went to Australia, I went to a nusery Adelaide school for a week.
  • B'day

    It was my best friend's birthday and she had a party which was really fun to go to.
  • First time on ice

    I went on ice for the first time with my ice-kating coatch.
  • Pui Kiu College

    I studied in Pui Kiu College for year 1.
  • Olympic

    My Chinese ink painting got displayed in the olympic art exhibition in Bejing.
  • BBQ

    I went to Baarbuque with my Tom Lee friends.
  • Fishing

    I don't really know how to fish so I got some help from my friends and family.
  • Renaissance College

    I went to Renaissance College year two in the middle of the year.
  • Tennis

    I'd learn Mini Tennis at RCHK on Saturday mornings.
  • Ceremony

    I had a ceremony for winning a peice in the Hong Kong Smart drawing competion.
  • New Sister

    My baby sister was born, she was called Isabella.
  • Sanya

    It was my sister, Issabella's first trip and also her first time to Sanya!
  • Korea

    We went to try out different jobs in Korea
  • My sister's full moon

    My sister's full moon
    We had a party with my sister for full moon, then had a party with our family on the exact day.
  • Singapore

    I went to singapore and my place was the Singapore Zoo.
  • Exhibition

    It was my fisrt exhibition held at school.