Life Span and Developmental Psychology Timeline Project

  • I am Born

    I was born on 11/16/1978 with weight of 8lbs and 20 inch height.
  • Period: to

    The First Two Year

  • First Two Year: Biosocial Event

    I started to walk indepedently.
  • First Two Year: Psychological Event

    It was first time, I started going day-care and interacting with caregiver and other children at day care. I iniitially resisted to stay away from my parents.
  • First Two Year: Cognitive Event

    I spoke my first word "mummy".
  • Period: to

    The Play Years

  • The Play Years: PsychoSocial Event

    I am happy in playing with my little one year old sister.
  • The Play Years: BioSocial Event

    I learned how to tie shoe lace.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Development

    I started to go Preschool.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Development

    I watched cricket on television and I asked my dad that How to play cricket? This shows how curious and observant I was about cricket.
  • The Play Years: BioSocial Development

    I started show preference with the food I would like to eat.
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Development

    I visited zoo in my home town first time. I learnt new animal names which I was not familiar so far.However, I was already familiar with Cow, Monkey, Goat, and Lion.
  • The Play Years: Psycho Social Development

    I started to play cricket with older people with dream that I will be playing for my country one day. I had this thought after I saw India winning crikcket world cup in 1983. I also started to say that I will be Next Kapid Dev (famous cricket all rounder).
  • The Play Years: Cognitive Development

    I started to speak two language. Gujarati and Hindi. Gujarati is my mother tongue where as Hindi is National Language in India. I learn Hindi from other children, watching cartoon on television. However, I was not as fluent with hindi as I was with my mother tongue.
  • Period: to

    The School Years

  • The Play Years: PsychoSocial Event

    If I remember correctly, it was first time on this day, I fought with then close friend. We both were punished by our parents in the form of time out.
  • The School Years: Cognitive Development Event

    I started to go 1st grade. I understood If I control certain behaviour, It will keep me away from any punishment.
  • The School Years: Biosocial Events

    I was excited to ride a bicycle (bike) without any support.
  • The School Years: Biosocial events

    I represented my school in interschool cricket tournament.
  • The School Years: PsychoSocial Event

    It was the first time I attended Baby Shower of my Aunty. Here I learn about our family tradition and values.
  • The School Years: Cognitive Event

    I achieved first rank in Oral and Written Hindi, Gujarati exams in my class. This shows my fluency with both language among other classmates. It was also attributed to the similarities between two language.
  • The School Year: Cognitive Development Event

    I started to learn another language English with the alphabet a,b,c,d.....
  • The School Years: Cognitive Development

    It was the first time I participated in religious play based on Story of Lord Mahavira (Hindu God). I remember of doing repeated practice of the role I was going to perform in Play and trying to improve my self each time with minimum mistake. Now, I can tell that I had used metacognition abilities to perform play.
  • The School Years: PsychoSocial Event

    My Sister was sick and was taken to hospital. I was home alone so I contacted one of our religious leader who asked me to pray for my sister's good health. I pray to God for 20 minutes. My sister was discharge from hospital after 2 days. Since then I always pray to God whenever I am in trouble.
  • Adolescence: Psycho Social event

    It was the this day I made new friend who became my best friend after that. I decided him to make my friend as we both were from same religion and both were interested in playing cricket.
  • Adolescence: Cognitivie event

    I visited science fair in my city and saw computer first time in my life. I started to analyse what are the positive and negative side of having computer in each house.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Pscyhosocial Event

    It was very sad day in my life as I lost my grand father this day. I was under depression for few months after lossing him from my life.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Bio Social Event

    I started to drink alchohol on this day along with my friends. however, it was my first and last day to drink as I was in big trouble from that.
  • Adolescence: BioSocial Event

    I felt like a adult man as I shaved my beard first time on this day.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive Development

    I was so excited on this day as I graduated from college and became physical therapist
  • Adulthood: Cognitive Event

    After working as therapist for last 3 years with great experience in different field, I felt comfortabel and has experty in manipulation therapy. I started to work as manipulation therapist on this day.
  • PsychoSocial Event: Adulthood

    I got married with beautiful girl in the world on this day. I made new relation through my wife on this day.
  • Adulthood: BioSocial Event

    It was this day when I had chest pain first time in my life and thought I might have heart attack as I have family history. I visited ER first time in my life and physician rule out any heart disease. I decided to change my life style with diet. I joined the fitness classes on the same day and started to eat low fat, less carbohydrates and green leafy vegetables with fruits.
  • Adulthood: BioSocial Event

    First sign of aging appear on this day. It was the first time I noticed gray hair and realized I am getting old now !!!!!
  • Adulthood: Cognitive development

    Since I will be around 42 years, I might loose physical strenght, I would start treating only back pain patient with manipulation in which I will be expert and still be valuable employee.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Development

    I will more anxious about my age and abilities to do different thing. Even though I would feel mentally that I could do everything which I I am able to do today, Physically I wont be able to do. I think I might be under going through midlife crisis.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Event

    I will go back to my home country to take care of my aging parents.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Event

    My son will get married with beautiful girl on this day.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial Event

    It will be a great and happy day in my life. I will become grand father on this day.
  • Late Adulthood: BioSocial Event

    Health Habits: Since I might already have any cardio vascular disease as it is very common in my family around this age, I would change my life style and adopt good healthy habits including regular exercises, eating healthy food and drinking no alchohol.
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive Event

    I will start writing about any new event, things to be done, name of new people I meet as I will start showing sign of slowing down of short-term memory. I will also make diary for grocery to be buy every week.
  • Late Adulthood: Psychosocial Event

    I will retire from my Business and hand over to my son. I will start working at local hospital as volunteer.
  • Later Adulthood: PsychoSocial Event

    My wife and I will celebrate our 50th marraige annivery with our children, grand children and all school and adulhood friend.
  • Death and Dying: Late Adulthood

    This will be the last day of my life on earth. I will have heart attack as I have family history. I will be chanting prayer at the time and all my family member will be around me. My soul will leave my body with the belief that it will have another life after this.