Life of Kayla Rose McKinzie

  • Kayla Rose McKinzie entered the world

    Was born in Mesa at Mesa Luther Hospital to Laura McKinzie, age 17
  • Period: to

    My life up till Graduation

  • Little sister was born

    Little sister was born
    My little sister Trisha Lynn Gorden was born.
  • Tragic lost

    My little sister Trisha died at 5months of age from SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Dance class

    My first dance class
  • Lost two front teeth

    I ended up getting my two front teeth stuck in my grandma's kitchen floor because I fell out of a wagon and got them slammed into the ceramic tile.
  • Little Brother was born

    Little Brother was born
    My little brother the oldest of all the boys, William Douglas Groden was born
  • Another little brother was born

    Another little brother was born
    My second youngest brother and the only redhead, Matthew Isiah Gorden was born.
  • Another tragic lost

    My grandpa, William Jacob McKinzie, past away from build of plaque around his heart.
  • Once again another little brother was born

    Once again another little brother was born
    My youngest little brother, Jacob Michael Gorden was born.
  • Talent Show

    During the fifth grade talent show me and my friend Alyssa danced to Come Clean by Hilary Duff
  • Last day of Elementary School

    I was leaving Grivjlva Elementary to go to middle school for sixth grade
  • Moving Day

    Left Tucson, Arizona to move to Phoenix, Arizona
  • Went back to Elementary School

    I was so mad knowing I had to go back to Elementary School for sixth grade but I went anyways to Constitution Elementary.
  • Meeting my real dad

    Finally met my real dad Randall Gardner at Chili's.
  • Graduate from eighth grade

    Finally graduated from Deer Valley Middle
  • Started freshmen year of high school

    Scary but started my first four years of high school at Barry Goldwater High
  • First boyfriend

    Had my first boyfriend, Joe Furmen.
  • Sophomore year

    Started the second year of my high school career
  • My second boyfriend

    My second boyfriend Connor Paolo and I started dating.
  • Junior year

    My third year of my high school career.
  • One year anniversary

    Mine and Connor's 1 year anniversary.
  • Senior year

    Senior year
    Final year of High School!
  • Mom got married!

    Mom got married!
    My mom got married to Dameon Miller!
  • Two year anniversary

    Connor and I survived to our two year anniversary!
  • Finally legal

    Finally legal
    My big 18th! Got my nose pierced!
  • Senior Instuite

    My senior presatation!!
  • Last day!

    Last day at Barry Goldwater
  • Graduation day

    Walking across that stage at the University of Phoenix Stadium