Life of Chang Fu

  • Being Born and Early Life

    I was born in Beijing, China on a small rice farm, my family was very poor and could not afford much. When I was a kid, I didn't haave many friends, but i could always play with my older brother. My brother and I wanted to move to America but didn't have the money, so we started to save pennies and nickels. About 4 years later we reached enough to move to America.
  • Journey to America/ Arriving to America

    I was 17 when my brother and I set out on our journey to America. We left our family on an early gloomy morning to go get on the small steam boat that carried us and a few other passengers to America. It took us a week or so to get there but when we did, we realized it wasn't really worth the wait. We pulled over to a small dock and jumped off the boat. Soon after we were approched by a large man. He promised us food, water, shelter and land, but for a catch. As long as we voted for him.
  • Life as a Railroad Worker

    Life as a railroad worker was hard, the conditions were terrible, we hardlly got paid, we were working with explosives and we were given very little food or water. I kinda wished I had my old life back, I just wanted to go home. But my brother and I pushed on through the tough times.
  • Injured on the Job

    Both my brother and I were injured in a work related accident. We went into the mountain and as we were digging, another worker brought in some explosives and tripped over a small rock. I managed to get out with some bumps and bruises but unfortunatly, my brother was killed.
  • Moving Back Home

    After a hard few years in America, I decided to move back to my original home in China. After all, I didn't have any family or friends I could stay with in America, and the work was terrible. So I packed up to set off on another long journey home.