Life Map of Mariam and Pip

  • Pip met the convict

    The very first important event was when Pip met the convict at the marsh. This event, as we find out later on, led to Pip becoming a gentleman. If Pip wouldn't have helped the convict his life would've been completely different.
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    Pip's Important Events

  • Pip meets Estella & Miss Havisham

    At this point, Pip realizes that he is of low class because Estalla and Miss Havisham treat him badly. He then wants to become a gentleman to be of high class. Also he starts liking Estella because of her beauty.
  • Mrs. Joe gets hurt; Orlick is a suspected to have hurt her

    Since Mrs. Joe gets hurt, Pip doesn't have anybody else, other than Joe to take care of him since his parents are dead. He realizes that Mrs. Joe keeps drawing a hammer, which symbolizes Orlick. This is foreshadowing since nobody really knows who had actually hurt Mrs. Joe
  • Pip travels to London

    The reason Pip is traveling to London is because an anonymous benefactor paid for him to travel to London to learn how to be a gentleman. While he is in London he meets Herbert, Mr. Jaggers, and Wemmick who help him in London. Herbert later on becomes his best friend.
  • Pip finds out about Magwitch being his benefactor

    Magwitch, the convict Pip helped when he was younger comes and visits Pip in London. Pip is surprised to find out that Magwitch is the one that is his benefactor. Knowing that, Pip loses some hope in being with Estella.
  • Pip visits Estella and finds out she is marrying Drummle

    Since Pip was always in love with Estella, knowing that she was going to marry another man made Pip a little upset and sad that he wouldn't be able to have the love of his life. He knew that Drummle woul not treat Estella well and tried to get her out of it, but she did not listen to him, and ended up marrying Drummle.
  • Pip sees Estella

    At the end of the book (alternate ending), Pip sees Estella again, but he doesn't feel angry towards her in any way. He talks to Estella and finds out that her and Drummle were no longer together. He then tells her that he will always be there for her, and they walk together and stay together forever!!
  • I met the Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church

    At this time I was in Egypt meeting my family for the first time. The reason I went to Egypt was to see my uncle get ordained as a priest. Since my other uncle that was a priest knew the Pope very well I was able to meet him when he was in his office.
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    Mariam's Important Events

  • My mom was diagnosed with cancer

    When my mom was diagnosed with cancer I was only in first grade and my older sister was in third. My older brother was in tenth grade and he was the one taking care of us the most, since my father was at work. This time was a very hard time for my family. Luckily, my mom was a survivor.
  • I got accepted to Oxford Academy

    When I was in sixth grade it was a very big deal for my family to see if I would get accepted into Oxford. Both my siblings went to Oxford, so if I didn't get in, I believe I would've been a disappointed. When my mom had called me and told me I got accepted, I was so relieved. The letter I received determined my future.
  • My brother's white coat ceremony

    Seeing my brother receive his white coat in order to attend Western U for dental school, was one of the happiest moments in my life. Just seeing him wearing the coat encouraged me to do better in school and made me just feel so happy to be his sister. Just remembering that he is in dental school and he's doing great, keeps me on track at school.
  • Accepted into the Jr. Volunteer service @ St. Joseph Hospital

    In mid-December my sister made me apply to the program. I was positive that I wouldn't make it in, but of course I was proved wrong. When I got a call that I was accepted to the program, I jumped with joy. I then realized that this will help me in the future for college and medical experience.
  • My sister was able to drive me around!

    After many months of convicing my mother that it was okay for my sister to drive me, she finally was able to let my sister, Marina drive me. That day she had asked an officer if it was okay to take siblings, and he had said that it was fine. From that day, it has been easier for me to go to places.
  • Won for Sophomore Class President

    This was my second time running for a class officer, and I thought people were going to be annoyed by me running, but I did it anyways. On April 19th, after I had done my speech, Ms. Choi had called me to let me know that I was the new Sophomore Class President and that my friend, Zeana Zoreikat, had won for Sophomore Class Vice President. Happiest day of my life.