life map

Timeline created by yeccy ortiz
  • i was born

    i was born
  • preschool

    i went to school for the first time
  • my niece is born

    my niece is born
  • graduation

    graduated from the industrial technical institute as a bachelor and technician in electricity
  • university

    i did my interview and i entered santo tomas university
  • my grandmother dies

    my grandmother dies
    my maternal grandmother killed by poor clinical care
  • Hobby

    I learned to ride a bike when i was 19 years old and it became a fun time with my family
  • Global pandemic

    Global pandemic
    i only see one good thing and that is that now i am raising animals and i have a small garden
  • enter the legal office

    in my life it is an important fact because in addition to the responsibilities that i assume in my personal life i am already beginning to see what the profession for which i am preparing entails