Life Map

Timeline created by kgreenleaf
  • BIrth

    I was born and joined my family
  • I moved to Eldridge

    I moved to ELdridge after living in Ohio for 4 years
  • Met my bestfriend

  • Started Kindergarten at Ed White

  • Started Dance

  • Sprained my ankle

  • Started 6th Grade at the Junior High

    My class was the first group of 6th graders to start 6trh grade at the junior high instead of the elementary school.
  • Started Volleyball

  • Started high school at North Scott

  • Started Silver Shakers

  • Worked at Subway

  • Started 10th grade

  • Started 11th grade

  • Started at the Eldridge Preschool

  • Had my senior pictures taken

  • Started my Senior year

  • Graduate High School

  • Go to College at St Ambrose

  • Get my Business Degree

  • Open my own preschool

    I want to get my business degree and open my own preschool
  • Get married

  • Purchse first house

  • Start a family

    I want 3 kids. 2 girls and 1 boy and my girls will dance and my boy will play baseball
  • Get a pet or two

  • go on a vacation to a different country

  • watch my kids go through school

  • volunteer at my kids school

  • grow old

  • Retire!

  • Turn 50 years old