Life Map!

  • The Day Pip Met the Convict

    Meeting the convict was his first step becoming mature because he experiences guilt and he starts doing things that shows he has grown. He becomes more exposed to things, and he realzies that there are more problems then Mrs. Joe beating him. His view of the world broadens when he meets the Convict.
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    Pip's Life

  • Fell in Love with Estella

    When Pip first went to Miss. Havisham's house, he meet Estella where he fell in love with her. His realationship is very complicated with Estella. He feels he doesn't reach her expectations when it comes to social class. He thinks he's not good enough. Which is why thorughout Great Expectations, he feels that he needs to become a true gentleman to fufill Estella's expectations.
  • FIrst Visit to Miss. Havisham's House

    December 26, 1810 is the first time Pip went inside Miss. Havisham's house. His life at Miss. Havisham's takes a huge turn. He experienced reality at her house. He had to face problems, such as fighting herbert, and dealing with Estella and his love sitation, and him becoming a gentleman. Without her house, he would have never been able to learn real-life sitations. Going to her house, opened his mind about the real world. and that life isn't just about working as a blacksmith.
  • The day Pip found out about having a benfactor

    In his late teens, Pip finds out he has a benefactor. Learning that he has a benefactor was important because it built up his personality throughout the book. He started acting rude towards his family and friends because he was rich. He started to look down upon them, and didn't want to deal with them anymore.
  • Mrs.Joe is Dead

    So sometime later, Orlick gets into an argument with Joe, and as a result he secretly attempts to kill Mrs.Joe. She did't die, but further on she passes away. Her dying was a mutual feeling towards Pip. He never really got along with his sister, but his sister did take care of him when their parents died. Her dying made Pip realzie that maybe he could have been more respectful, but it's just that she didn't really deserve it since she was always so rude.
  • The Real Benefactor

    Pip realizes that his real benefactor is Magwitch. This changes his life and perspective on how money is the most ideal thing in life. He's shocked that a man, lowest of all the social statuses, is his benefactor.
  • Joe and Biddy Married

    In about 1824-1825, Pip comes back from London to ask Biddy to marry him, knowing that Estella will never return her love to him. When he goes back, he find out that Joe and Biddy got married. He begs Joe and Biddy to forgive him for all he rude behavior. He realizes that he never considered being in someone else's shows. He's also thinkng of himself, and when he realizes that Joe and Biddy got married he was pleased for them.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    September 09, 2001 was the first day of KIndergarden for me. I rememeber I was crying a lot, afraid to leave my parents. However, going to school has shaped me into becomimng an independent girl. I'm not afraid to take risks as iIwas when I was a young girl. Going to school is a huge part of my life, and the very first day started a whole new adventure of my life.
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    Lamiya's Life

  • The day my grandpa passed away

    July 5th wasy the day my grandpa passed away because he had high cholestrol. He seemed so healthy, but he had a heart attack one day. It was really shocking. After this happened, i started becoming more careful with the food I eat. This definitely opened up my eyes when it comes to food. I'm a lot more careful, and i eat a lot healthier.
  • When my mom started working

    My mom started working when i started working in 3rd grade. I had a difficult time getting use to it. She was away times when I needed help on homework, and when I needeed someone to talk to. Eventually I got use to it. My mom starting to work, shaped me into an independent girl. Without her getting a job, i wouldn't be able to do basic things like brush my hair, or make my own food or make my bed.
  • First time I moved

    June 20th, 2005 was my first time moving to my house. I don't usually like change. I like things simple, and the same. and moving to a new house was difficult. Moving from one house to another helped me shape who I am today because it's easier to understand new concepts. It helped me get to used to the fact that theres always gonna be change in life.
  • The day I met my Best Friend

    Spetember 10 was the first day i met my best friend in fourth grade. Her name is Laura. We were like twims. We had everything in common from favorite color to favorite muscians. This is one of the most significant things in my life because you need certain people in life to trust, and to be your self with. She was someone who dealt with all my problems and complaints. Laura was someone I was able to share anything with.
  • First day of Oxford

    August 31st, 2011 was my first year at Oxford. I came in in 9th grade as a new student. It was definitely a huge change. I had to start all over. Make new friends, meet new people, and adjust to Oxford's rigorious courses. Going to Oxford is one of the most significant moments of my life becasue I've made my parents, family, friends proud. Plus, even though it's tough it will be easy to adjust to in college.
  • First time I met my cousins

    Last year was my first year seeing my cousins. They lived with us for two weeks. We had a great time. We went on road trips, amusment parks, and basically did whatever we can to have fun. It was a great expereince, We got so close it felt like we've hanged out everyday. This was a signiificant moment in my life because it made me cherish the moments we had together. Memories last a life time, and this help me develop into a thankful person.