Life Line.

  • Comet 1997

    Comet 1997
    1st Comet of 1997 Discovered: Comet 1997 A1
  • Grandpa lost

    My grandpa Finlan, i didnt know much about it him but he passed away on this day. i remember some of the little things he use to do with me. There are a few yet great memories i have of him.
  • start of school

    start of school
    It was my first year to school. Meeting all my friends, starting to learning, and becoming the person i am. Who knew that i would of loved school at first and 12 years later not like it as much.
  • House of Repesentatives

    House of Repesentatives
    House of Representatives approves impeachment inquiry of President Clinton
  • Period: to


    My parents had the biggest break of all time. Their devorce was filed and my family was split for good.
  • 43rd President

    43rd President
    George W. Bush is inaugurated president. This making him the 43rd president to the United States.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court rules the death penalty unconstitutional for people who committed crimes before age 18
  • Add one

    Add one
    I had a new member to my family. My half brother is born one this day. It has been a wonderful time with him, so happy i have him in my life!
  • Gerald Ford

    Gerald Ford
    Gerald Ford is buried in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Growing

    My family grew even more. My father got remarried to Kenra, giving me and my sister a step-sister. My family went from 4 to 6 in a blink of your eye but i am happy with it all.
  • Sister Graduation

    Sister Graduation
    My sister, the girl that has been thought everything with me, i will always look up to, and is my hero started he life on that day. Getting ready for her to move out and knowing i would be on my own for more then normal. I was very proud of her and could not wait to be just like her.
  • Space

    Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-117, begins mission
  • Period: to


    This month i took a trip to France. We stayed in Paris right around the corner from the Effle Tower. It was a totally new expericne and a great time.
  • Phoenix

    NASA's Phoenix spacecraft lands in the polar region on Mars
  • President

    Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States
  • Driving

    The day i got more freedoms. I could drive on my own, by myself with out my mom.
  • United State

    United State
    The 112th United States Congress convened; Republican Representative John Boehner of Ohio assumes his new position as Speaker of the House
  • Tucson Shooting

    Tucson Shooting
    U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords is shot, Judge John Roll killed, in a Tucson, Arizona shooting rampage that killed 6 people and injured 14
  • Gradma

    She was a wonderful woman, icould go toher for anything i needed. i even lived with her for a few months and i miss ever thing about her. this is the time that my Gradma magee passed away. she was one big part of my life and miss everything about her.
  • Graduating

    I know this had not happened yet but we are all getting ready for this day. It is going to be the start of our lifes. We will be finished with all this hard work. Time to have fun and enter the real world. Good Luck to all members of the Class of 2011!