life events

  • Birth

    <a href='' >this was the day i was born</a>
  • George W. Bush wins election

    George W. Bush wins election
    George Bush won his first election against former vice preident Al Gore at the age of 54
  • terroist attack on the world trait center

    terroist attack on the world trait center
    always remeber. On this day Osama Bin Landen group named Al Quaeda crashed two planes in the the twin towers of the world trait center in New York, New York and another into the pentagon in Washington D.C. killing almost three thousand people.
  • first day of pre-k

    first day of pre-k
    this was techonaly my first day of school but really pre-k relly isnt school its just like school training
  • fist orginized sport (soccer)

    fist orginized sport (soccer)
    this was my first orginized sport and where i got my first sports jersey whick read 4 which is now my favorite number
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    ahh!my first actual day of actual school! my teachers name was Mrs.Roberts, she was really nice and my brother had her 2 years before me and told me about her.
  • first year of baseball

    first year of baseball
    this was my first year/s3eason of baseball. we went on to win the championship. i played first base and was actualy queity well but baseball wasnt for me so i dindt partiapate in this sport any more
  • Golden Colorado

    Golden Colorado
    this day we took our first christmas vacation out of the state which was also my first trip out of state! while i was there i met my aunt for the first time i could remeber and i also met my cousins who fourtunetly i could remeber.
  • George W. Bush wins second election

    George W. Bush wins second election
    george w. bush starts his second term as 43rd president of the United States
  • first DOG!

    first DOG!
    this was the day i got my fisrt dog! his name was Suarge and he was only 3 months old when we got him.
  • Obama wins election

    Obama wins election
    barack obama wins 2008 election and assumes office on january 20, 2011
  • first year of football

    first year of football
    this time i played football. this was my first year of football but certainly not my last after this i continued playing this sport. during the season i did suprsingly well for a begginer and i even went to the super bowl but i lost
  • SMCISD changes school zones

    SMCISD changes school zones
    before the school year started what would be my 4th grade year it has to change school zones so that goodnight gets a new school the highschool gets a new school and they have to add two more elementry schools one of which is the old hernadez
  • Got second dog

    on this day i got my beloved vinilla. he is a red heller mix (husky) taht we got for my brothers birthday. he is relly stupid at times and hes sort of a baby but he can be so 'cute' and thats why i love.
  • first day of middle school

    first day of middle school
    today was the first day of my 6th grade year A.K.A first year at middle school. it was way better than elementry school.