life before and after

By rtahhan
  • Psychosocial

    I was in my moms womb and was not fullying grown yet. As far as I know my mom was really excited about me being born. Altough she was a bit concerned because she had 6 other kids before me to look after as well.
  • Biosocial

    My was the last person to be worried during her pregnancy with me. Reason being that she had gone thorugh same things six times before me and she was very well prepared.
  • Cognitive

    Her main hobby was to cook, eat and watch a lot of tv. She would just sit back and relax herself for last few weeks of her trimester. Scince we were back home in Middle East she would watch arabic shows all day long and enjoy herself.
  • Bitrh

    I was born today, July 24th 1984.
  • Biosocial

    I was 8.5lbs and 65 inches in height. I started crawling when I was 6 months old and start walking within a year.
  • Cogitive

    She spend most of the time with me when I was born. I had also other old sibling to play and take of me. My mom told me I was the only kid who kicked her the most when she was pregnant. I felt pretty special when I found that.
  • psychosocial

    Things were going well as my parents just took care everyone including me as a baby. Since my other sibiling were quite older, my mom was really relaxed because there was also someone to look after me when my mom was taking care of the house.
  • Biosocial

    I was healthy and moving everywhere. As my mom told me I was really active and growing real fast. I used to trouble her a lot by going all around the house and run away everytime she put me on the ground.
  • Cognitive

    I was close to being 5 years old and was becoming more aware of things happening around me. I was really active and smarp at many activities I was doing with my other sibling. I was starting to use my brain and memories when playing around.
  • Psychosocial

    At this age I was highly energized than ever before. I used to go out of my house and play soccer with my friends and brothers for hours. I used to talk to anyone I met randomly because I was never shy of anyone . I made many friends to play with during this time and on.
  • Biosocial development: Puberty

    I still had a little boy inside me who wanted to play all day long without any worries. But doing high school years, things changed and I learned life is more serious than playing around with friends.
  • Psychosocial development: High School Graduation

    I graduated for High school and now I became 18 years old teen/ adult. Things in life took a new route when I learned the difference between teenager and a responsible adult. I became more serious towards life.
  • Cognitive Development: Adulthood

    At this age, as I learned my responsibilities better but I was still unsure of how to handle my life. I was still figuring things out and starting to notice the difference between teen and adult.
  • Biosocial development: College began

    College life was time to be more mature. I made some wrong choices and some great choices as life went on. Also, the people I met impacted a lot in the situation of life I am in at this point.
  • Cognitive Development: college

    I am definitely a young adult now. noone but I was resopnsible for my actions in life from now on. I was still joking around though due to the friends I have in life. I still didn't realise how my actions will apply my life in the future.
  • Psychosocial development: during college

    My thinking changed as well as my attitude towards people. I started understanding the types of people and how people behave in reality. I know now for a fact that none cares about you but yourself.
  • Psychosocial development: gradution from 4 year college

    Now I graduated and now I realise its time to move on with things in life. Now I am more focused towards my goals in life. The only thing that has the highest priority in my life is my goal toward profession. My only worry is to achieve it and nothing else.
  • Biosocial

    At this time of my life I still expect myself to be working and taking good care of myself. I feel kind of old but not too old to be just stilling around and doing nothing. I all expect to see my kids married by now and see them raise their own kids.
  • Cognitive

    I love to talk about great experiences and stories that once took place in my life. I see myself as sharing my knowlege and things that you should focus on as you live your life with my children and their children.
  • Psychosocial

    I have built my idenity and cannot make any further changes in my life. I live the way I always have and will repeat the same process until the day I end my life. I would learn to experience new things happening around me and tell people how different things were when you were their age back in the day.
  • Death

    I am pretty old now. All most 91 years old man. since I always have been healthy I still will be taking care of myself without any help of others. I think about all the memories I had in my life. Take my picture books and go back in time to refresh and exeperience the joy of being young and fun again. I thankful for things I got to do in my life and just waiting for god to take me back to him.