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  • First Time in Long Beach Island

    First Time in Long Beach Island
    This was the beginning of a long standing tradition in my life. Almost every year of my life, during the last week of August, my family and I, along with one or two friends of mine, rent a house in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We've only ever missed 2 of the 16 years of my life so far, and has been a longstanding yearly event that I look forward too as soon as the previous trip is over.
  • Meeting My Best Friend

    Meeting My Best Friend
    It must have been fate that put us two living directly across the street from each other. Nolan MacLear has been my best friend for 9 years, and we have shared countless experiences in our childhood together since the age of 7. From making YouTube videos together to going on every vacation with each other, we could go on for hours about our past. Even though he temporarily moved around a lot, from NYC to Florida, to Australia and back, we never once lost contact.
  • Master Playlist

    Master Playlist
    Currently sitting at 1,120 songs and 68 total hours worth of listening time as of the writing of this, my master playlist titled "Songs I Enjoy" has kept me entertained and content for the past 4 years. Only having one playlist for all of the genres of music I enjoy presents a unique opportunity to scroll back through and look at how my music taste has changed through the years. It is still the only playlist I listen to and I add to it very frequently.
  • Little Brother

    Little Brother
    After 14 years of living as an only child, my half brother Charlie was born. Being at the end of 8th grade, I was not fully able to comprehend how different my life would be from then on, being woken up at ungodly hours of the night before big tests and hours of extra packing for car rides. But the positives far outweigh the negatives, I love Charlie with all my heart and the past 3 years of fun and joy have been the best of my life.
  • Moved Into My Current House

    Moved Into My Current House
    Starting in 2010 and until 2016, I moved 4 separate times within Brewster. This period of instability in my life was a stress on my grades, social life and even eating habits. Going between my mother and fathers houses at the beginning was even more of a stress, but eventually I chose to live with my father and step-mother. Finally moving into my current house, an actual house and not a condo was the first time living in an actual house since the age of 10, a big deal for me.
  • The Great American Eclipse

    The Great American Eclipse
    In the Summer of 2017, my whole family and my aforementioned best friend Nolan, took a long planned road trip down the East Coast to Charelston, South Carolina, to see the first total solar eclipse visible in the United States since the 1970's. The view from the flight deck of the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier was something otherworldly. I cannot put into words the awe of seeing the eclipse in person, and I highly encourage anyone else to go and see the next one in 2021.
  • Meeting New Friends

    Meeting New Friends
    One of the largest and most important changes in my life so far was meeting my current group of friends. Previously I had been friends with people who would routinely put each other down, and only ever talked and played over the computer. My current group of friends all have very similar interests and actually see each other in person and outside of school. The best times of my life have been with these 10-12 close friends. I still talk to my old friends, but we are nowwhere as close as we were.
  • Realizing What I Wanted to do After College

    Realizing What I Wanted to do After College
    After talking with some close friends about future careers and life choices, I was left thinking about what I really wanted to do in just a couple of short years after high school and college. One night, a friend had been stuck at my house, so we ended up talking about history and geography. Not being as inept in the topic as I was, I took to teaching them about many historical events. It was that night I realized what I found fun and what career I wanted to follow; A history teacher.
  • Summer 2018

    Summer 2018
    The summer of 2018 was what I see as the highest point in my life to date. An amazing relationship, vacations I'll never forget, swimming almost every day, walking everywhere we wanted to go, this past summer was one I will never forget. Almost every day something new was going on, a birthday, a trip, a hang out, not a single day was dull or boring, and all with a group of new and amazing friends. I can only hope summer 2019 can top it.
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