Life tingy


  • birth

    I was born don't know where exactly but I was born in Chicago
  • I breathed

    I breathed
    I finally brought oxygen into my body by myself
  • first birthday

    first birthday
    I have no clue what my family did for me
  • start pre-school

    start pre-school
    I started my first days of learning things
  • I kicked my first soccer ball

    I kicked my first soccer ball
    I don't really remember but it should be around this time
  • played my first video game

    played my first video game
    I played Pokémon on my brothers ds
  • responsible

    I got my first dog snow the white one on the right he is the laziest dog I know
  • I watched my first soccer game final

    I watched my first soccer game final
    I watched Mexico vs USA gold cup final and Mexico won 4-2
  • brothers broken arm

    brothers broken arm
    I had to take care of my older brother with his broken arm
  • kind

    When my cousins from Mexico came to visit we needed to buy a air mattress so that they could sleep on it so I gave my mom all my birthday money
  • caring

    I got the other demon and know I take care of 2 dogs
  • Educated

    I gradated 8th grade
  • Highschool

    I started my freshman year at the taft freshman academy
  • 2019 gold cup final

    2019 gold cup final
    I went to the 2019 gold cup final
  • humble

    When I visited family in Mexico I am humbled and appreciate my house in Chicago a lot more
  • thoughtful

    During the pandemic I would keep away from my grandparents so I wouldn't run the risk of exposing them to covid 19
  • loyal

    Mexico has lost to USA 3 times in a row and lost to Canada for the first time I am still going to support them
  • patient

    I had to wait 16 years for my favorite club to finally win the league
  • messi won the balon de oro

    messi won the balon de oro
    Messi wins the best player in the world over lewandowski
  • lazy

    I turned this assignment in on the lat day because I was to lazy to do it another day