Foto 36


  • I was born

    I was born
    I come to the world in that day! The first light of my eyes!
  • Sick

    The first time ,I went sick a felt very bad
  • firs steps

    firs steps
    That was the first time that my foot touch the ground without the help of oneone!
  • chickenpox

    I have my first chickenpox , and i remember that my mother gives my showers of oats to calm the wants to scratch.
  • hurt

    that was the first time I have hurt very bad!
  • Swiming

    That was the first time I go and enter to the pool.
  • fight

    I fight with a classmate in the school Austriaco because he took one of my tazoos.
  • glass broke

    glass broke
    I was playing in my house wirh a ball and then I kicked and broke a big window of my house
  • Punish

    My father punish my because I broke a glass.
  • Change of school

    Change of school
    I change of school to a smaller one.
  • kiss

    I have my first kiss with a girl I know in a party!
  • forgotten

    My parents forget me in a store and left me there for 1 hour.
  • My father play fights with me

    My father play fights with me
    That was really funny because he was 2 times the size I were.
  • THe best student of my class

    THe best student of my class
    I was in th top ten of the best of the school
  • Smoke

    I tried my first cigarrete and i dont like to do it again!
  • drunk

    I get drunk for the first time and then i dont remember anything!
  • Centeramerican games

    Centeramerican games
    I go to represent Guatemala in Atletism.
  • graduate

    I pass the grade of 9th grade.
  • birthday

    it was my birthday and i was 17!