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"Lessons Learned Through Childhood" - Haley Cerretani

  • Captain Halz

    Captain Halz
    When I was one and a half, my dad let me help drive the boat. From an early age I was taught responsibility and how to act as an adult. Ok, so maybe driving the boat was just for fun, but my parents always taught me to be mature while still having fun. My little sister was always the free spirited one and I was called the 'adult child'.
  • Sharing is Caring

    Sharing is Caring
    I grew up coloring and solving math equations, (which could explain why I love science and math so much) and having a little sister forced me to share. Especially as the older sibling, it doesn't matter what you want because you won't be the one to throw a temper tantrum that's going to give your mom a headache. So go ahead, give your little sister the blue crayon. Or at least that's how I learned how to share, a valuable thing to know now at 17.
  • Suvival 101

    Suvival 101
    Growing up in New Hampshire, I had to learn to bundle up for winter and to wear a rain coat in the spring. Living with four seasons meant that the wardrobe was extensive, but it taught me how to survive all types of weather, although the winter apparel knowledge hasn't proved very effective in Florida.
  • Cooking Skills

    Cooking Skills
    My mother always had me helping her in the kitchen, and my family had a tradition of assembling ginger bread houses on Christmas Eve. While I'm still learning, knowing the basics of cooking will definitely come in handy in college and afterwards. Plus, it serves as a memory of my mom and cooking together for my family.
  • Smile

    Life is going to give you curve balls, and I found that childhood can always produce smiles. Now, although I seem to dwell on the negatives, I can still find some positive that can make me smile. Whether a best friend or a happy memory, a smile is always there somewhere.
  • Driving Problems

    Driving Problems
    So I didn't really learn how to drive when I was little, but my dad used to tell me little facts about cars and construction when I was little. Did you know that measure twice cut once isn't always accurate? It's better to measure three times... well according to my dad. These little life lessons I have grown to value, and also the quirky sayings that I learned growing up. There is no such thing as a free lunch, yea I knew that from my dad before I ever had Mr. Jones, cool right?
  • Laugh... at Everything

    Laugh... at Everything
    Life is only fun if you can laugh at yourself, so why not? Sass has become a major part of my personality, but I think one of the most important parts of me is my ability to laugh at myself. My ma taught me this, because if you can't make fun of yourself, then how are you going to see the humor in anything?
  • Be Picky

    Be Picky
    Picking in apple orchards (before I became allergic), blueberry farms, strawberry fields, and corn fields proved to me that one must be specific when looking for something. Now, I know that when I want something I have to set my sights on it and strive for it. Don't settle, ever, for anything below your standards. Would you eat a rotten apple? No, of course not. So don't settle on anything else in your life.
  • Seriousness is Needed, 1% of the Time

    Seriousness is Needed, 1% of the Time
    So I just said to laugh at everything, and that's true, but sometimes you need to be sassy enough for other people to laugh at you. Also, being an adult means being serious, when necessary. I remember my mother made me and my little sister (now bigger than me, on the right) go out and take pictures in the middle of November when it was almost below freezing, and tights don't provide much warmth. Sometimes you just gotta take it like a man.
  • Animal Love

    Animal Love
    It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall. This Mexican proverb basically summarizes me learning to ride horses. While I can now ride with ease, it didn't start that way. Life goes this way too, and I've learned that I will most definitely fall more than I will fly, but the importance is that I don't fall and stay down. Also, I learned to love animals and treat them like anyone else. Beauty lies in life itself, not in the beholder.
  • Nature Lover

    Nature Lover
    My old house, a modern log cabin, had a dock and I spent my summers outside fishing, swimming in the lake, and riding my bike up and down the hill in my backyard. Now in a technologically focused world, I find that being outside in nature brings peace, and spending so much time outside as a kid taught me the beauty of the little things.
  • Super Clean

    Super Clean
    I had plenty of chores to do, but they always ended up fun or memorable. My family was washing the car, and I ended up in the suds bucket somehow. I try to look for the fun in the little stuff.
  • Be a Buddy

    Be a Buddy
    Being an older sister, and also being one of the older girls at my dance studio, I had to learn to become a sort of role model. I looked to be a friend for anyone in need, and I learned that sometimes the person you like the least will turn out to be your best friend.
  • Brownie Years

    Brownie Years
    I began girl scouts as a Daisy, but by the time I was a Brownie I began learning what it meant to help other people. Also, I learned little talents like sewing and how to sell cookies by attempting to be a cute 7 year old. Also, being a Brownie helped me meet new people, considering I was homeschooled.