Lesinski Timeline

  • Mom and Dad Get Married

    Now I'm a twinkle in their eye!
  • Parents Move to Washington state for work

  • Mom finds out I'm on my way

  • I'm Born 3 weeks early in Bellevue WA

    And the world becomes a better place!
  • Period: to

    Live in Washington state

  • My father decides parenting is too tough right now, divorces my mom

  • My mom and I move back to Michigan with family

  • Period: to

    Live With Mom, Aunt, and two cousins

  • Period: to

    Live with Mom, Aunt, and 2 cousins in Michigan

  • Mom and step dad decide the three of us should live together

  • Period: to

    Move to Livonia, MI on Pere Rd.

  • Mom and step dad get married

  • Get my favorite stuffed dog, which I still have today

  • My sister, Lindsay is born!

  • Meet my best friend for 5 years, Matt, while playing T-ball

  • Period: to

    Played daily with Matt, who also lived in the house behind us

  • Go to school for the first time

  • Birthday at McDonalds with all my friends

  • Have the worst teacher ever in 2nd grade

  • My brother, Justin, was born

  • Needed a bigger house!

    Moving at this age is tough on kids. Just when friends are becoming more important, to pick up and move is unfair. That said, we undoubtedly needed more space.
  • Period: to

    Lived in Livonia on Country Club Rd

  • Family trip to Disney World

  • Started playing hockey

  • Got our dog, Kira

  • Got my first job at AMC theatres

  • Met one of my two best friends still today, Ryan, at work

  • Bought my first car, 1992 Cougar

  • Met my other best friend, Bryant, playing hockey

  • Graduate High School

  • Enroll at Michigan State University

  • Period: to

    Live on campus at MSU

  • Started working on a local golf course

  • Met Christa, my wife, at work

  • Christa and I officially start dating

  • Mom and step dad get divorced

  • Start career at Paiute Resort, Las Vegas

  • Period: to

    Move to Las Vegas with Christa for work

  • Christa and I get married

  • We have our son, Lucas

  • Move back to Michigan for family for Lucas

  • Period: to

    Move back to Michigan, get my Physical Therapy doctorate, and raise my family

  • Return to college for a Physical Therapy degree

  • My daughter is born!

  • I graduate from college... Again, This time with a doctorate in PT

  • Period: to

    I enter my new career as a Physical Therapist by owning a clinic with my wife (also a PT)

  • My 40th Birthday

  • My wife and I take the kids to Disney World

  • My son heads to Notre Dame. Thank goodness for my money saving skills.

  • My daughter goes to UofM for Accounting

  • My son and daughter are both off at college. My wife and I take a 3 week trip to a warmer climate

  • My son graduates college

  • My daughter graduates college

  • My father passes away

  • My son gets married

  • My mom passes away

  • My first grandchild is born!

  • My daughter gets married

  • My second grandchild is born!

  • My 65th Birthday spent with my children, grandchildren, and the rest of my family

  • The sale of our clinic is complete

  • Period: to

    Now retired and comfortable, my wife and I can enjoy relaxation

  • Finally buy that Corvette

  • My wife and I are capable of caring for ourselves and travel during retirement

  • Take a 6 month trip to various locations around the world

  • I die before my wife and children of a heart attack caused by heart disease at age 84