Leif Erikson

By CJ39
  • May 29, 1002


    I departed in 1002 to find the new world
  • Sep 28, 1002


    The leader/king in my day was Olaff II A very sour and strict man
  • Oct 31, 1002


    At the time, my country needed wood for boats and houses and also wanted more land.
  • Aug 29, 1010

    Length of trip

    My trip took exactly two moths and nine days
  • Nov 30, 1015


    My crew and I were ecstatic that that we had found the new world!
  • Aug 6, 1017

    arrival to the new world

  • Dec 5, 1020


    Sadly, I died at the age of 41 and my crew carried on my work
  • Birth

    Born in Iceland in 979