Leeza Webb's Life

  • Birthday

    The day I touched down(yay)!!!!!!!
  • Period: to

    Leeza Webb's Life

  • Started School

    This is when I first had my learning experience.
  • Elementary

    I'm a big kid now!!!!!!
  • New School

    My arrival at Pickens County high School.I made many new friends.
  • Graduation

    I'm on to bigger and better things.
  • College

    Time to make some new friends and experience new things.
  • My First Car

    I was suprised to recieve my first new car while starting college.
  • First Job

    My first job and I'm so excited!!!!Time to go into the reall world.
  • Marriage

    This is when I married my first love.
  • Birth of New Generation

    Had my first little bundle of joy(Daylin).
  • My Son's First Day At School

    He's on his way to make new friends.
  • My New Career As A Nurse

    I off to achieving my goals!!!!
  • A New Member of The Family

    I had my second on Christmas. What a wonderful christmas present I recieved.
  • A Place We Call Home

    Me and my family moved in house that we could call our own.
  • My Second Child's First Day of School

    My little girl was so scared.
  • Renewed Wedding Vows

    Me and my husband renewed our wedding vows.
  • Suprised My Son With His First Car

    Time for my son to have his first driving experience.
  • My Son's Graduated From high School

    My boy is finally becoming a man.
  • Retirement

    I retired from being a nurse.
  • Death of A Loving and Hard-Working Mother

    The day I died.