Leah's autobiography

  • Born on 8/29/2001

    I was born on August 29,2001 in Erie,Pennsylvania. I was my parents' firstborn.
  • Period: to

    Birth to now

    Right now I'm eleven years old,and I've learned a lot.
  • Kaitlyn is Born

    Kaitlyn is the middle child in our family. In the year,her birthday is exactly one monthe before mine. Although she sometimes annoys me,I love her.
  • Emma is Born

    Emma is my youngest sibling. She is very creative. By joining in her games,I think my imagination has expanded. She is very sweet.
  • 1st Place Drawing!

    At my old elementary school we would have a contest called the YAM Contest. YAM standed for Youth Art Month. That year the theme was:your favorite animal as what you want to be when you grow up. I drew a dog as a vet,and I got 1st place! This has tought me that if I work hard,I'll achieve my dreams.
  • 2nd Place Bug

    This year for the YAM Contest the theme was bugs. For this year's theme I drew the best firefly I ever could. When the teacher hung the drawing in the hall,I laughed. She hung my picture upside down! I didn't care,I enjoyed this small time. Now I don't pay attention to these tiny mistakes anymore.
  • My Special Mojo

    Mojo is my second pet. He is a tabby cat. My Mom brought him home on my Dad's birthday. Mojo has taught me that pets require special attention.
  • Birthday Party!

    This was the first time that I had a birthday party. Best of all,it was a sleepover! I guess that for the first ten years of my life I was working so I could deserve this.
  • Singing in church

    This was the first time that I sang in church. The song I sang was O Holy Night. The accompanyment was me,playing the piano. When I sang I felt wonderful,and I still sing in church.
  • Moving isn't so Bad,Really

    This is the day that I moved from Millcreek to McKean. That night I was very scared to fall asleep in my new room,but now I like it here.
  • Florida

    On this day my family and I will leave for Florida. On the way there we will stop by my Uncle's house in Tennesse and will see the Smokey Mountains.