Lauren's Life Timeline

  • My day of birth!

    I was born in Framingham, Massachusetts at about 6:30 pm. My father, older brother, and grandparents were all there to meet me when I arrived! I was such a small baby that my parents called me peanut.
  • Family moves to Texas

    My mother, father, brother, and I move to Texas due to changes in my fathers job. I was only 3, but my parents had a really hard time leaving their families and saying goodbye to their friends!
  • Begins Montessori in Texas

    I began attending Montessori and I loved it! It had a big impact on how I still learn today. I still remember all of the centers we would rotate to and making our own snack and orange juice!
  • My grandfather passes away

    My father's dad passed away and it was very hard for him. I was still too young to fully understand what it meant, but I remember going to his funeral and drawing a picture for him.
  • I begin Kindergarten!

    I have my first day of Kindergarten at Kiker Elementary!
  • My family moves to Arizona!

    My father's job moves my family to Arizona!
  • My mother's family reunion

    My family went to a family reunion of my mother's side of the family. This was a really interesting learning experience for me to learn where my mom was from and who influenced her growing up. The reunion was in Pennsylvania which is where my grandmother was from. I got to see where she grew up and lived her life!
  • I begin 1st grade!

    I begin first grade at Val Vista Elementary School in Gilbert.
  • Experiencing September 11th

    September 11th really effected me and my out look on the rest of the world. I was so hurt by the fact that other human beings could do something so horrific to one another.
  • My father looses his job

    My father worked for a large corporation and was laid off which was very upsetting to himself and my family.
  • My father starts a new business venture

    My dad takes ownership in a salon and starts a new location. This is a very exciting adventure for our family!
  • My step-grandmother dies

    In 2002, my stepgrandmother died due to heart problems. This was very hard on my mother and grandfather
  • We get our first dog!

    We get our first dog!
    After asking for a dog for years, our parents finally buy my brother and I a dog!
  • Visit my father's family

    My family took a trip back to New York to visit my father's extended family. I got to see where my dad grew up and what influenced him into the man he is today. I got to see his old house, the schools he attended, and where he used to work!
  • My grandfather comes to stay with us

    After the death of his wife, my grandfather comes to stay with our family for support which we are excited about!
  • I begin getting very involved in church

    My family joined a new church and I became very involved and active in the church. My religion of Christianity grew substantially.
  • Join church band

    I make a big decision to join my church's band to sing at youth group every week! This really helped my self confidence grow.
  • Start first job

    I began my first job at an accounting firm to earn some extra money.
  • Grandfather diagnosed with prostate cancer

    My grandfather who is still living with us, is diagnosed with prostate cancer. This is very devasting on my family and we prepare to support him through his fight.
  • Mexico Mission Trip

    My mother, brother, and I go on a mission trip with my church to build houses for the homeless in Mexico. This was an extremely hard decision to make to leave since my grandfather was so ill.
  • Grandfather passes away

    While we are away on our mission trip, my grandfather passes away. This is devasting news for my mother and my family does our best to support her through this hard time.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    I finally graduate high school! This was a very exciting point in my life. I felt as if I accomplished so much!
  • Begin my first day of college!

    Begin my first day of college!
    I am so excited and escatic to start my first experience in college living in the dorms!
  • Begin Sophomore Year

    I am super excited to begin my Sophomore year in college and continue my education to becoming a teacher.
  • Begin my Junior year in college!

    This year I was accepted into the professional program and am internshipping in a Kindergarten classroom. I love it! I am one step closer to fulfulling my dream of teaching!