laura estefania

  • my Born

    I was Born in 1997 in santiago
  • my First birthday

    my First birthday in 1998 When she was one
  • met a my first friend

    met a my first friend a day in the evening
  • my first day at kindergarten

    was one day when he enters kindergarten qe was the first time going and it was in the morning
  • my first kiss

    My first kiss was when I was 4 years old and went with a friend
  • The first drop of a tooth

    On this day my mom took me out and left me the tooth under the pillow money
  • My first day in kindergarten

    Here was my first day of school in kindergarten at a school near my house
  • I learned to skate unassisted

    The day I learned to skate alone without help from my friends or my parents
  • Win the academic excellence

    In this day and earn academic excellence I first in my school with 6.9 grade
  • My first nephew was born man

    on this day my first nephew was born man since I already had a niece woman
  • The first time I walked in a boat

    on this day was the first time I boarded a boat on the beach when traveling with my parents
  • I met my best friend

    in this day I met my best friend when I was new at school
  • Mi First cell

    On this day my dad decided to buy a cell phone because he believed that it was necessary and so I bought it
  • Courtship asked me I like the boy

    On this day the boy I like asked me courtship and my current boyfriend