Lance Family

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    Ohmer Lee Stoneroads Birthdate and Deathdate

    My great grandfather on my dads side, his mothers dad.
  • Wright Brothers First Flight

    Wright Brothers First Flight
    Orville and Wilbur Wright flew an air contraption for the first time in history.
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    Elmer Myers Birthdate and Deathdate

    My great grandfather on my mothers side, her dads father.
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    Thelma Myers Birthdate and Deathdate

    My great grandmother onm ymom sides, her dads mother.
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    Herbie Lances Birthdate and Deathdate

    My great grandfather on my dads side, his dads father.
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    Myrtle Lances Birthdate and Deathdate

    My greatmother on my dads side, his dads mother.
  • Zimmerman Telegran Incident

    Zimmerman Telegran Incident
    The United States also entered World War I
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    Zolton Burnetts Birthdate and Deathdate

    My great grandfather on my mothers side. People called him Zollie, but usually everyone referred to him as Gus.
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    Helen Burnettes Birthdate and Deathdate

    My great grand mother on my mothers side, moved from Hungary to the USA with my greatgrandfather Zolton.
  • Leora Stoneroads Birthdate

    My great grandmother on my fathers side, his moms mother.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Stock Market crashes and the Great Depression begins
  • World War II

    World War II
    1941 - (June) Germany invades Russia
  • Beverly Stoneroads Birthdate

    My grandmother on my mothers side, has 2 siblings.
  • Paul Arthur Myers Birthdate

    My grandfather on my mothers side, had 5 sisters.
  • Joanne Burnetts Birthdate

    My grandmother on my mothers side, is a twin and has 3 siblings.
  • US Troops in Korea and Communists in East Germany

  • John Lances Birthday

    My grandfather on my dads side, has 3 siblings.
  • 22nd Amendement

    22nd Amendement
    22nd Amendment, prohibiting more than two presidential terms
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
  • US Destroyer

    US Destroyer
  • Steven Ray Lances Birthdate

    This is my dad.
  • Patricia Anne Myers's Birthdate

    Pattie is my mother and our birthdays are one day apart.
  • 26th Amendenment

    26th Amendenment

    •Twenty-sixth Amendment to US Constitution lowers voting
  • Cruel and Unusual Punishment

    •US Supreme Court rules that death penalty is not inherently cruel or unusual and is a constitutionally acceptable form of punishment
  • Reagan For President

    Ronald Reagan elected president in Republican sweep
  • Challenger

    Second space shuttle, Challenger, makes successful maiden voyage, which includes the first US space walk in nine years
  • My Fathers Family Moved To Las Vegas.

    After living in Vinton Ohio their whole lives my dads family moves to Las Vegas for job oppurtunities. My dad was a junior in high school and finished up there but he moved back to Ohio for college.
  • Iran-Contra Case

    Robert C. McFarlane, former National Security Adviser, pleads guilty in Iran-Contra case
  • My Mothers Parents Get Divorced

    MY mother was a senior in highschool when her parents got divorced after over 20 years of marriage. For thier last year of highschool she had to tranfer from Canal WInchester to Pickerington.
  • 20 Years My Parents Have Known Each Other

    My parents met at Bob Evans on this date and they both worked f\their for over a year together. After 6 months they got engaged.
  • Death Row Limitations

    Death Row Limitations
    US Supreme Court limits death row appeals
  • My Parents Get Married

    On this day my parents became wed and started their life together and have been happily married ever since : )
  • Emilie Nicole Lances Birthdate

    I was born at Grant Hospital in Columbus Ohio.
  • OJ Case

    •O. J. Simpson arrested in killings of wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and friend, Ronald Goldman
  • Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods breaks multiple records in Masters golf tournament
  • Mason Alexander Lance's Birthdate

    Mason at Grant Hospital in Columbus Ohio and was delivered by the same doctor who delivered me.
  • George Bush

    Republicans file federal suit to block manual recount of Florida presidential election ballots sought by Democrats
  • Moved to my Current Home

    We moved from our house on Fallon Lane to my grandfathers condo, to our temporary apartment to our new home on Lithoipolis Road.
  • Tax Cut Package

    •Bush signs ten-year, $350-billion tax cut package, the third-largest tax cut in U.S. history (May 28).