kristopher interactive timeline

  • kristopher joins the family

    kristopher joins the family
    That day i got my first pet her name was bubbles she was like a best friend to me and that she lasted longer than the other pets
  • Period: to

    kristophers timespan

  • Period: to

    kristophers timespan

  • kristopher first best friend

    kristopher first best friend
    When i first started preschool i meet my first best friend he invited me to every thing like his birthday partys
  • kristophers first vacation

    kristophers first vacation
    When i went on my first vacation it was fun i met mickey mouse and all the other disney character it was the best me and my family stayed in a great hotel it had room seives and cable tv that was the best vacation i will ever go on
  • first learned spanish

    first learned spanish
    Wheni first got into kinigarden i had to learn spanish it was hard so my mom trasverd me to english class buti reallly missed my friends but i can met new ones
  • kris starts first grade

    kris starts first grade
    When i syarted first grade i was still in spanish for a little bit until my mom got me transferd to a english class it was great i learned so many things but i wished i could be i spanish class
  • first black president

    first black president
    when obama be came president it was a chang in the states the first black president no one could believe it but i happend i loved it but some people don't like the fact he's president so they try to kill him but it doesn't work and now he's still alive doing evey thing martin luther king tryed to do
  • 9/11

    9/11 was a horrible site to see to see more than 3oo people die it was so sad all because of osama bin ladin but if he dies be worried because he has followers that would do the the same thing he did
  • osamabenladen dead

    osamabenladen dead
    When osamabenladen died the whole united states cheered they were saved from another attacke from him I loved the fact he's dead but he has folowers and we have to watch out for them