King Louis XLV

  • King Louis life begins

    King louis is born
  • Thrown into the family buisness

    King Louis's father makes him a minority ruler.( He ruled with other rulers)
  • King Louis's Father

    King Louis's father dies after building a very sucessful monarchy
  • King Louis's wife

    King Louis marries his wife who is the eldest daughter of Phillip IV the king of Spain as part of the Treaty of Pyrenees.
  • Mazarin dies

    King Louis takes over the throne when Mazarin died during a time of great disorder through out the kingdom
  • Louis's Wife

    After 23-years of marriage his wife died they had six children and Louis took his wifes death very hard but eventually remarried
  • Edict of Nantes

    King Louis decides to revoke the edict of Nantes
  • Louis's Grandson

    Louis grandson Phillip V inherited throne of spain
  • Spanish War

    The war of spanish sucession continued until france signed the treaty of Utrecht
  • King Louis Dies

    King Louis died after being king for 72-years and 3 months, this was longer then any other monarch during his time