Key Events of Medieval Timelines

  • 481

    Clovis I is crowned king of the franks

    Clovis was the first king to unite all the frankish under one ruler
  • 570

    Muhumad Prophet of islam is born

    Religious political and military leader
  • Oct 1, 732

    Battle of Tours

    The Battle of Tours (also called the battle of Poiters) was fought between the citys of Poiters and Tours
  • Oct 9, 768

    Charlemagne is crowned king of the franks

    Charlemagne (also known as the charles the great) was crowned the king of the franks before becoming the holy roman emporer.
  • May 26, 793

    vikings invade northern europe

    vikings explored europes rivers for trade and conquest
  • Oct 14, 1006

    Battle of Hastings

    The Battle of Hastings was the battle that was fought by the french Duke William II and the english King Harrold II
  • Jan 1, 1096

    First Crusade

    The first crusade was a military expidition by Roman Catholic Europe to regain holy land
  • Sep 3, 1189

    coronation of richard |

    Richrd wasn't only the king of England but also the Duke of Normandy
  • May 26, 1206

    Mongol empire is founded

    It is the largest contigous land empire in human history
  • May 26, 1215

    The magna carta is signed

    It was the first document to challenge the king
  • May 16, 1269

    Marco Polo explores Asia

    he was a merchant traveller from the republic of venice
  • May 26, 1337

    The hundread years war

    A series of conflicts from 1337 to 1453
  • May 26, 1348

    The black death hits europe

    One of the most devastating pandemics in human history
  • May 30, 1431

    Joan of Arc is Executed

    Joan was only (Aprox) 19 and was burned at the stake for itro subordination and hetrodoxy. she was also a catholic saint
  • Jan 1, 1450

    Invention of the printing press

    Invented by yohannes gutenberg
  • May 26, 1455

    War of the roses

    The war was a series of dynastic fought btween two rival branches of the royal houses of parliment Lancaster and york whose heraldic symbols where red and white roses going for 30 years
  • Jan 1, 1498

    Last supper

    The last supper was the last meal Jesus Christ had before his crucification.
  • fall of the roman empire