Kevin's life

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  • when born i die for 10 second

    when i was in my mums stomch the doctor say the billycord is wrap around my leg and i had comeout 1month early and my mum call me kevin rodriguez martinez
  • playing soccer

    when the first time playing soccer i was really bad then i got to practice to get better at it and learn some few skills , get the ball more , never be scared of the ball hitting u so hard i had to man up profe my team that i played in was very bad cos we never won a game
  • first time walking

    then i had my first steps it felt amazing my mum give me the confiente to keep going
  • getting a new house

    this s the time when i was in primary school at Algester in class learning english when my teaher said kevin ur mum is here to take u home when i got in the car my mum said we got a new house we are going to live in the house was very more spaces then our old house i was first perosn to get told that we are getting a newhouse.
  • starting to get good grades

    when i started to get good grades and my parents was proud of me even i was proud of myself from that day on i started to get good grades
  • turning 13

    the day i was turning 13 i was getting lots of presents and money i fetl so rich i was a happy camper
  • year 8

    the first day of yr 8 i was scary not knowing the school i was walking slow n trying to find all my classes n asking where things were not talking to nobody

    that was my day of yr 8
  • starting year 5

    first day of year 5 i was so scared that i will hav no friends to begin with the new teacher Miss Alexander- 5s the classrooom we were in was small but very warn it didn't get cold that was good year 5 was good
  • yr11

    this day on when i started yr 11 i was a happ camper talking to friends knowing my was through the school knowing my class wheere there were trying to finish my work early getting assiessment done that was the day of yr 11