Kendra's Life

By KN3044
  • Birthday!!!

    I, Kendra Catrine Nothdurft was born on this day. I was born on October 11, 1998. I was born in Rapid City, SD. My parents are Kathie Semeler and Scott Nothdurft.
  • First Day Of Kindergarden!!!

    My frist day of kindergarden. I didn't like anybody!!
  • Elmer Died (my dog)

    My dog ELmer died a day before my birthday. We had the same birthday. He was an Austalian Shepard, he was a tri-male. He was 11 in human years and 80 in dog years.
  • Golden Birthday!!!!

    I had my golden birthday on October 11, 2010. I went to a hotel and to my favorite resturant, Chevys.
  • Outlaw Ranch!!!

    I have been to this camp one time with my 2 cousins and my grandma. I was the youngest out of the group Iwas with. The night we camped outside of camp was awesome. i was with a girl named Hiddi and we were up for a really long time.
  • Sunburned my Fourhead

    I was at a trtack meet in Hanson. I was wearing a headband with holes in it, and got a funny sunburn on my fourhead.
  • Grandma Died

    My grandma died in Sioux Falls, SD in hospice. Her name Was Gloria Albers, she was 81 years old. I was really close to her, and i was in the room when she passed away.
  • Mystic Hills Camp Ground!!!

    I spent the weekend at my uncles camp ground by Deadwood and Lead. I helped him in the lodge in the cafe. I was a waitress and I helped cook in the kitchen too.
  • Rodeo Bible Camp!!!

    I went to rodeo bible camp for 1 week. I rode my instructors horse. His name was Munch, he was an Arabian gray gelding. The camp was lots of fun! I want to be a helper there when I'm 15 years old.
  • AMR Camp!!!!!!

    I went ot a camp in the Black Hills that my Gandma nd Gandpa Semeler started. The camp has been open for 50 years. My mom and my aunts and unlce grew up there. I have been to the camp 3 times in my life.
  • Dislocated Pinky!!!

    I dislocated my pinky on our first and last day of christmas break.
  • Computer Class!!!!!

    today is the first day of computer class!!!! We are creating this time line!!