Kayla Wesolowski pysch 229

  • My mom had morning sickness

  • Period: to

    Kayla Wesolowski pysch 229

  • my dad would talk to me through my mom's tummy

  • my mom was put on "high risk watch"

  • i was born

  • my aunt started to watch me

    My aunt babysat me and my cousin untill kindergarden
  • rolled over for the first time

  • i started talking

  • i started to play with play dough and play house

  • i learned how to read

  • first day of kindergarden

  • read my first chapter book

  • i started to learn about other cultures and their impact on the world

  • first sleepover

    at my friend katies for her 8th birthday
  • had a growth spurt

  • meet my best friend Lauren

  • had my galbladder taken out

  • first day of college

  • started working at schoolcraft

  • graduate with my bachelors of nursing

  • start working on my masters degree

  • get married

  • have kids

  • work out to keep my body in good shape

  • become a grandma

  • do mind stimulating activties to keep my memory

  • die peacefully in my sleep